Shopping List 25

Every day, we share our favourite fashion and products with you on our social media channels. But what really finds its way into our private shopping basket? In our latest Shopping List 25, we give you an insight into the SoSUE team's latest purchases. Find out why Andrea sends flowers, Josy loves chic mobile phone cases and where Anna got her new handbag. Here are all our tips. Have fun shopping.


Anna roots for timeless style

My purchase of the month is a new bag from Polène. I've been looking for the perfect bag for me for a long time, one that fits everything I need for everyday life. Not only is it practical, but above all it is timeless and harmonises with every look. I already love it and am looking forward to wearing it in the coming months.


Phone calls but make it pretty with Josy


I love the mobile phone cases from BURGA and always buy them there. I couldn't resist the design with the horses and had to get one. I think they're great! A little tip: you can get 2 cases for free if you buy two!


Andrea loves pretty flowers

As maids of honour, we have made it a ritual to always send a small bouquet of flowers on our friend's anniversary. It's fun, looks beautiful and is simply a great gift, especially if you don't always live near your girlfriend but still want to think of her. I bought my bouquet from BLOOMON. They arrive fresh and look beautiful.


Moodbooster for Tabea 


A bowl from Arket in a wildflower design is my purchase of the month. The bowl is available in red and white and in different sizes. On particularly cloudy autumn days, I reach for this bowl for my daily porridge and my mood immediately improves.

Marlene ist ready to fight

This month I wanted to buy myself something for my hockey sport again. My hockey glove has not only accompanied me to many games and protected me from major hand injuries on one occasion or another, but has also allowed me to get to know many cities in Germany. Unfortunately, it had to be replaced after a long time, so I bought the new Adidas glove from the current collection. Here's to many more games and cities and hopefully more injury-free games!


Flavoured water for Vanessa 

My children don't drink enough water and I want to get them away from the sweet juices and soft drinks. Funnily enough, they wanted an air-up bottle themselves because the other children at school have one too. Finally a schoolyard hype that I like. The idea is good: the children only drink water, but only perceive the flavours that are in the pod. There are different flavours, including cherry, raspberry-lemon and peach. PS: I now use the Air-up drinking bottles myself.


Knuth likes it smooth

 After the metrosexual man had had his day, the hipsters with their beards emerged after the noughties. Back then, many young men wanted to look more masculine and grew beards. In the meantime, hipster men have reached an age characterised by circular hair loss and belly fat. But they continue to boldly sport their now grey vintage beards and look like fucked-up captain igloos. I've never liked this lumberjack beard, and I like the neat three-day beard à la Christian Lindner even less. I like it clean-shaven. Maybe it's also because of my male cinema heroes from my youth: Rambo, Rocky, Bond and the Terminator showed a lot of testosterone-rich and stubble-free skin from the chin to the ears. I shave almost every day and my blade consumption is high, so I bought a blade sharpener from Erbe so that I can use the blades for longer. PS: Also works for the bikini razor.

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