High quality dresses for every day
Whether for the summer party, for work or a shopping trip: In the fair fashion collection of SoSUE you will find wearable and high-quality dresses made of noble materials.

Thanks to the timeless and flexible cuts, you can combine them stylishly with jackets, pants or blouses from our range and lighten up your outfits with the beautiful color contrasts or special patterns.


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Dress Laura Denim Dress Laura Denim
SoSUE Collection
Dress Laura Denim
€299.00 *
Dress Ibiza Black Dress Ibiza Black
SoSUE Collection
Dress Ibiza Black
€210.00 *
Dress London Black Dress London Black
SoSUE Collection
Dress London Black
€189.00 *
Dress Donna Black Dress Donna Black
SoSUE Collection
Dress Donna Black
€179.00 *
Dress Donna Grey Dress Donna Grey
SoSUE Collection
Dress Donna Grey
€179.00 *
Dress Cowboy Button Rose Dress Cowboy Button Rose
SoSUE Collection
Dress Cowboy Button Rose
€229.00 *
Dress Fleur Voile Dress Fleur Voile
SoSUE Collection
Dress Fleur Voile
€299.00 *
Dress Evening Blue Dress Evening Blue
SoSUE Collection
Dress Evening Blue
€199.00 * €489.00 *
Jumpsuit Satin Navy Jumpsuit Satin Navy
SoSUE Collection
Jumpsuit Satin Navy
€79.00 * €299.00 *

Dress combinations to feel good
So that you can wear your high-quality dresses not only once a year on a very special occasion, the SoSUE dress range consists of exciting yet classy pieces. Most of the dresses are cut in such a way that they can be worn across several clothing sizes and beautifully hug your feminine figure. What's more, they're great for pairing with other looks. Wear your favorite pieces regardless of the season and on any occasion.

Our focus is on exactly the fashion you want: stylish, uncomplicated, comfortable and chic - so you can always be yourself in your new favorite dress.

Versatile cotton dresses - regardless of the season or the weather
In winter, wear cotton maxi dresses with warm tights and a long coat; in spring, roll up the sleeves a bit. Our sweater dresses are just as flexible: in summer you go solo, in the cold season a long-sleeved blouse looks good under your cotton dress. Mini dresses also make a chic outfit when paired with cozy pants! And how about a dress that you can turn into a stylish jacket in winter?

Multifaceted colors for every occasion
The versatility of our high-quality dresses is also reflected in the color selection of the collection: classic tones such as white, light gray and black alternate with a light beige, dark blue or muted olive. They harmonize with each other as well as with other pieces from our collection. Last but not least, you have the choice between dresses in mini, midi and maxi length.

A black or white dress goes well with a jacket in an expressive tone, such as green or red. With a turquoise or pink dress, on the other hand, you can choose a jacket in gray or anthracite.

The SoSUE collection at a glance

  • Mini dresses
  • Midi dresses
  • maxi dresses
  • long-sleeved dresses
  • short-sleeved dresses
  • slipovers
  • Knitted dresses
  • 2-in-1 dresses

Dresses made from fair materials at SoSUE
As a fair fashion label, we only use carefully selected materials to manufacture our high-quality dresses. We pay attention to a high wearing comfort as well as a resource-saving and low-pollutant production.

Components such as cotton, linen, satin or cashmere are not only characterized by a pleasant feeling on the skin, but also impress with their durability. Polyester-based pieces are made from recycled fabrics whenever possible.

Thus, by buying a dress from SoSUE, you promote the conscious and considerate use of clothing and wear your favorite piece for many years to come.

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