High-quality T-shirts: casual through the day
High-quality T-shirts are among the must-haves of every season - and therefore also in your closet.


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T-Shirt Women Grey T-Shirt Women Grey
SoSUE Collection
T-Shirt Women Grey
€69.00 *
T-Shirt Women Stripes T-Shirt Women Stripes
SoSUE Collection
T-Shirt Women Stripes
€79.00 *
TShirt Women White 24 TShirt Women White 24
SoSUE Collection
TShirt Women White 24
€69.00 *
T-Shirt Men T-Shirt Men
SoSUE Collection
T-Shirt Men
€89.00 *
Tshirt Beige
SoSUE Collection
Tshirt Beige
€69.00 *
Top Sporty White Top Sporty White
SoSUE Collection
Top Sporty White
€29.00 * €59.00 *
Top Sporty Black Top Sporty Black
SoSUE Collection
Top Sporty Black
€29.00 * €59.00 *
Shirt Long Sleeve Shirt Long Sleeve
SoSUE Collection
Shirt Long Sleeve
€75.00 *
Shirt Antonia Bicolor Shirt Antonia Bicolor
SoSUE Collection
Shirt Antonia Bicolor
€69.00 *

Combine your t-shirt with ...
... a high quality jeans

The combination of jeans and a t-shirt creates the perfect casual look. While the top falls loosely on you, the tight-fitting pants nestle around your legs. The contrast between wide and tight optimally emphasizes your assets. Tuck your T-shirt into a half or side tuck for a fancy style.

... Cotton pants

For a more elegant touch, wear your high-quality T-shirt with a pair of fabric trousers. Skilfully used, the slight style break looks playful. Tip: Try a T-shirt from SoSUE with one of our Karoline pants. Here the casual shape of the top is repeated in the wide flared ends of the trouser legs.

... high quality handbags

With a casual t-shirt outfit, you're perfectly dressed for a stroll through the city. So that you can bring your purchased treasures home without any complications, it's best to use one of our high-quality handbags. A clutch gives your style an elegant, the large shopper a conventional charm.

... Cotton coats

Wear your SoSUE T-shirts with a short blazer or long coat during the cold months. In spring and fall, it's best to leave the jacket open, which will greatly enhance the casual effect. Eye-catching shoes and tight pants will complete your outfit.

... high-quality skirts

The ideal style break is achieved by combining a high-quality skirt with your T-shirt from the exclusive SoSUE collection. Simply tuck the wide-cut top into a playful skirt - whether mini, midi or maxi. This is how you create a completely new look.

The SoSUE collection at a glance
At SoSUE you will find uncomplicated fashion that is made for you. Each piece is designed so that you can vary it and wear it for every occasion. Our T-shirts are designed to be particularly casual. This means that they adapt perfectly to your movements in all your activities: whether in the office or going for a walk. The great prints, in turn, make for an exciting eye-catcher.

High quality t-shirts exclusively at SoSUE:

  • T-shirts with loose cut
  • T-shirts from the High Five collection
  • T-shirts with subtle print
  • T-shirts from the Hipolyta collection
  • T-shirts with eye-catching print
  • T-shirts in batik style

Order high quality cotton T-shirts at SoSUE
In SoSUE's online store you will find only fairly produced clothing and accessories. Our high-quality T-shirts are made of carefully selected cotton - 100 percent in Europe. As a fair fashion label, we use recycled materials and organic cotton whenever possible.

If you wear your favorite SoSUE pieces for a long time, you also support the conscious and careful treatment of the environment with the purchase of one of our T-shirts.

Take a look at so-sue.com now and discover our exclusive t-shirt collections!