Lambswool Schal Zimt & Schwarz

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Aus reiner Lammwolle gefertigt, bietet dieser extra breite aber leichte Schal optimalen... mehr
Produktinformationen "Lambswool Schal Zimt & Schwarz"

Aus reiner Lammwolle gefertigt, bietet dieser extra breite aber leichte Schal optimalen Schutz an kalten Wintertagen. Ob zur abendlicher Garderobe als Stola, oder auch tagsüber verleiht er jedem Outfit einen extravaganten Look. Wir lieben Tiere, für die Herstellung unserer Lammwoll Produkte verwenden wir ausschließlich geschorene Wolle, kein Leder. 


Farbe: Zimt oder Schwarz


100 % Wolle



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Über das Label "Fassbender"


FASSBENDER is creating a high end ready to wear outerwear wardrobe were the above mentioned characteristics are taking the lead. Let us show you who we are. Always about style, always smart and sophisticated. Always with ease an the typical Hanseatic Understatement.

FASSBENDER is an upcoming label based in Hamburg. Germany. With the combination of unique design and the highest quality fabrics you can find in Italy, we create exceptional pieces. The outcome is a sustainable product equipped for any kind of weather and perfectly suitable for any kind of occasion.
The label was founded by Christina Fassbender and her brother Sebastian Steinhoff. Matthias Louwen joined as head of design after previously being at New York fashion houses such as Alexander Wang and Calvin Klein. Christina is the heart and soul of the brand. After a successful career and engagements with diverse fashion houses, she took the step and followed her vision to create her eponymous label. Sebastian is responsible for the economical side of the story.
Kleid Elie Black Kleid Elie Black
259,00 € *
Hose Emily - Beige Hose Emily - Beige
159,00 € *
179,00 € *
Bluse Odessa Bluse Odessa
169,00 € *
Kleid Wrap Black Kleid Wrap Black
262,22 € *
Karabiner Karabiner
57,51 € *
Jeans Vol. III Dark Blue short Jeans Vol. III Dark Blue short
79,00 € *
184,24 € *
Kleid Emily Kleid Emily
259,00 € *
Bluse Leni Bluse Leni
169,00 € *
Blazer Jacket Blazer Jacket
149,00 € *
269,00 € *
Jeans Vol. III Dark Blue long Jeans Vol. III Dark Blue long
79,00 € *
184,24 € *
Bluse Siv Bluse Siv
169,00 € *
Bluse Ella weiß Bluse Ella weiß
169,00 € *
Kleid California Kleid California
299,00 € *
Jeans Vol. III Jeans light long Jeans Vol. III Jeans light long
69,00 € *
184,24 € *
Schal Chantal Schal Chantal
290,00 € *
Hose PJ Pants Cognac Hose PJ Pants Cognac
ab 99,00 € *
154,99 € *
2-in-1 Trenchcoat 2-in-1 Trenchcoat
1.510,92 € *