High quality blouses - versatile and chic
For women who are in the middle of life, high-quality blouses are indispensable basics for their wardrobe.

Thanks to timeless cuts, modern fits and versatile color patterns, SoSUE blouses harmonize with your personal looks. The exclusive blouses from SoSUE are extremely comfortable and simply fit every occasion.

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Satin Blouse Navy Satin Blouse Navy
SoSUE Collection
Satin Blouse Navy
€199.00 *
Blouse Antonia Shiny Electric Blue Blouse Antonia Shiny Electric Blue
SoSUE Collection
Blouse Antonia Shiny Electric Blue
€189.00 *
Blouse Antonia Fox Blouse Antonia Fox
SoSUE Collection
Blouse Antonia Fox
€199.00 *
Blouse Antonia White Blouse Antonia White
SoSUE Collection
Blouse Antonia White
€179.00 *
Blouse Rosa Blouse Rosa
SoSUE Collection
Blouse Rosa
€169.00 *
Blouse Antonia Short Draw Blouse Antonia Short Draw
SoSUE Collection
Blouse Antonia Short Draw
€159.00 *
Blose Antonia Linen White Blose Antonia Linen White
SoSUE Collection
Blose Antonia Linen White
€179.00 *
Blouse Antonia Baby Blue Blouse Antonia Baby Blue
SoSUE Collection
Blouse Antonia Baby Blue
€179.00 *
Shirt Boxy Long Shirt Boxy Long
SoSUE Collection
Shirt Boxy Long
From €119.00 * €179.00 *
Blouse Antonia Stripes Blouse Antonia Stripes
SoSUE Collection
Blouse Antonia Stripes
€179.00 *
Blouse Antonia Khaki Blouse Antonia Khaki
SoSUE Collection
Blouse Antonia Khaki
€179.00 *
Blouse Antonia Light Purple Blouse Antonia Light Purple
SoSUE Collection
Blouse Antonia Light Purple
€179.00 *
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Modern classics: high-quality blouses for every occasion
Blouses come in numerous colors, with fancy patterns or exciting cuts. However, for a cool look and everyday wearability, you need cuts that adapt to different body shapes and hug your figure without being too tight. In addition, fashionable and high-quality blouses can be combined with many other garments. In the collection of SoSUE you will discover blouses in modern designs and many interesting details that are made for you and your style.

All-rounder: Onesize blouses for feeling good
Women's blouses are no longer just for the job or for a special occasion. Thanks to numerous combination options, your high-quality blouse is your perfect companion for shopping, for leisure or for a party - and you're always dressed right.

Instead of tight cuts, SoSUE's onesize blouses fall smoothly and flowingly on you. They add a feminine elegance to any figure. Combine them with blazers, cozy sweaters, joggers or simply with your favorite jeans - whether casual in a side-tuck look or elegantly tucked into a skirt.

On trend: cotton blouses for women
Blouses are usually made with a high polyester content. But there is another way, as our elegant blouses made of cotton show. Depending on the fabric quality and weaving technique, the fabric turns out differently. Sometimes a little heavier, sometimes lighter, it envelops you. With every high-quality blouse you have a unique appearance. And at the same time you benefit from a pleasant wearing comfort.

If you style your SoSUE blouse together with one of our trendy pants, you will be perfectly dressed for every occasion.

The SoSUE collection at a glance
In addition to the various fabrics and colors of our bestseller Antonia with its unique oversized cut, you can find other stylish fashion pieces in the SoSUE online store, which you can wear wonderfully with your personal look. These include models from the following collections:

  • the short- and medium-sleeved blouses Cowboy
  • our Ella with the classic cut
  • the figure-flattering Bella
  • blouse Carmen with great expressiveness
  • the feminine Vivy
  • the casual shirt Ems


Order high quality blouses from fair production at SoSUE
SoSUE is a fair fashion label and therefore only produces high quality blouses with carefully selected materials. In the foreground for us are both the pleasant wearing comfort and the longevity of our clothing. Last but not least, we pay attention to a resource-saving, low-pollutant and fair manufacturing.

Thus, with the purchase of a blouse from SoSUE you promote the conscious and considerate use of clothing and wear your blouse for many years.

Browse through the exclusive blouse collection at now.