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No matter what the occasion, every woman needs a reliable and fashionable handbag as a daily companion.


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Antu Lady Shopper Antu Lady Shopper
Antu Lady Shopper
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Antu Lady Shopper Antu Lady Shopper
Antu Lady Shopper
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Antu Lady Pouch
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Antu Lady Bag Antu Lady Bag
Antu Lady Bag
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Clutch, wrist-, shopper or hobo bag?
Stylish women know exactly what they need: versatile and elegant accessories that are inspired by current trends and yet timelessly wearable. Uncomplicated designs and trendy shades allow for flexible pairing with many of your outfits. So take your bag out to work, shopping or partying and you'll always be well dressed. To meet all your daily stylish needs, however, different bag sizes and strap lengths can't be missing from your collection.

Large handbags
For the extensive shopping tour, we recommend you to go out with a shopper or a harness handbag. This way you save an extra bag after shopping. These types of bags are also great for transporting your sports gear. Last but not least, the weekender offers a surprising amount of space for your stuff and has the advantage that you can easily hang it over your shoulder.

Medium sized handbags
Sufficient space for your keys, wallet, a cell phone as well as your beauty bag have the tote or hobo bags and the pochette. They are also incredibly stylish - they are best worn over the forearm and complement your casual or business outfit.

Small handbags
For special occasions like a dinner at a restaurant, the company party or a family celebration, the classic clutch or an elegant wrist bag will accompany you. The subtle look puts the focus on your outfit and emphasizes your elegant appearance. The strap is usually long, so you can even hang your little highlight crosswise on your shoulder.

The unique handbag models at SoSUE at a glance
In addition to high-quality clothing, you can find special trend accessories such as exclusive handbags in the SoSUE online store to complete your personal look. From casual to elegant, discreet to extraordinary: The collections by Marjana von Berlepsch, Naditum and Hipolyta are outstanding eye-catchers and make your appearance something special - no matter what the occasion.

At SoSUE you will discover high-quality handbags in a variety of shapes and colors that can be easily and timelessly combined with different styles:

  • Clutch
  • Wrist-Bag
  • Tote-Bag
  • Hobo-Bag
  • Pochette
  • Weekender
  • Trapeze-Bag
  • Shopper
  • Reversible bags

Order high quality handbags at SoSUE
Just as with our exclusive SoSUE collection of high-quality clothing, fair production of our handbags is important to us. This includes carefully selected materials and fair working conditions. To ensure that your new handbag will accompany you through the day for many years, we also pay attention to the durability of our products.

Browse now through our exclusive handbags on and let yourself be inspired by the high quality, the fine workmanship and the special details - every day!