Self-tanner special: how to get the perfect tan

The winter months are coming to an end, the sun is finally making an appearance more often and the desire for spring is rising. Our skin has been hidden under thick woollen jumpers for months, so our summer tan has finally faded. If you want to get that tan back without harmful UV radiation, you should definitely try self-tanner!

For many, this word conjures up images of orange skin and spots - but it doesn't have to be that way! We'll clear things up and show you which tips and self-tanning products you can use to achieve perfectly tanned skin from home.


Step-by-step guide to a spotless tan:


1. apply self-tanner in the evening

Self-tanner usually needs 6-8 hours to take full effect. That's why it makes the most sense to apply it in the evening and let it soak in overnight. Rinse off the rest the next morning and you will be left with a beautiful natural tan.

2. exfoliate the skin first

To get a really spotless tan, it's important to remove old skin flakes beforehand. The best way to do this is with a dry brush or in the shower with a scrub.

3. apply cream to dry areas

Always apply cream to very dry areas, such as elbows, heels, knees and knuckles, otherwise the dry areas will become darkly discoloured.

4. apply tanning mousse with applicator glove

Be sure to use a glove applicator to apply the tanning mousse. Most self-tanning companies sell it with the product to ensure a streak-free result.

5. use a special self-tanning lotion for the face

In any case, use a special self-tanner for the face and do NOT use the tanning mousse on the face (I speak from experience). Self-tanning serums/drops have proven best, mix 2-3 drops with your face cream and apply to your face with your hands. Then wash your hands and wipe your eyebrows with a dry cotton pad so they don't turn orange.

6. blend self-tanner on hands & feet with a brush

Finally, hands & feet: the supreme discipline. Admittedly, these are the most difficult areas as they are the most prone to discolouration. To prevent this from happening, I would strongly advise you to apply the self-tanner here with a clean make-up or Kabuki brush and blend it. This way you can reach all the areas between your fingers and toes and achieve an even tan. 7.

7. do not get water on the skin afterwards

It is very important to note: once you have applied the self-tanner to your hands and entire body, no more water should be allowed on your skin. Therefore: Brush your teeth, wash your hands and do everything else that brings your body into contact with water beforehand. From now on, water is taboo for 6 hours. Otherwise the self-tanner will come right off and you'll end up with unsightly marks.

8. wear dark loose clothes

To prevent the self-tanner from rubbing off on your sofa or bed, you should wear dark, loose clothing. Any residue can easily be washed out of the clothes. The next morning, wash the product off in the shower and you will be left with a natural, even and stain-free tan.



 The best self-tanners: 

For the body:

I have tested myself for years through various self-tanning products and have always come to the conclusion that a tanning mousse is the best option. I swear by the St. Tropez and St. Moritz tanning mousses, both of which are great and, in my opinion, only differ in price. It is best to order the application glove directly.



For the face:

Special care should be taken with the face. After all, this is the worst place to hide possible spots. I recommend a serum that you can easily mix into your night cream several times a week, this gives the most natural results. Don't forget the neck and wash your hands afterwards. In my opinion, the Self Tan Drops by Tan Luxe or the Tanning Fluid by Sans Soucis provide the most natural tan.



In case it does go wrong;

SOS home remedy to remove self-tanner:


Full bath: If you want to soften uneven patches, a warm bath will help. After 15 minutes, you can wash off the skin with a sponge. The skin should now be lighter again and irregularities should be reduced.

Peeling: If rubbing the skin with a sponge or hand towel is not enough, you can also use a peeling to thinly remove the top layer of skin. If only certain areas are discoloured by the self-tanner, the peeling can also be used to target these skin areas.

Lemon juice: Lemon juice is suitable for stubborn discolourations. Lemon juice has always been considered a household remedy for lightening hair. The juice of the lemon can also lighten the skin and remove self-tanning. To do this, use the juice of a lemon and soak a flannel with it, then rub the skin with it.

With these tips, nothing should go wrong. Have fun and success with home tanning!



About the author:

Eva Staudinger is a German model and is under contract with international agencies in New York, London and Paris. Due to her many years of professional experience, skincare, beauty and wellness are topics she deals with every day and with great enthusiasm. Professional trips to New York, Sydney or London enable her to always get an insight into the latest beauty trends, which she will share with us from now on in the SoSue Beauty column. In addition to her work as a model, the native of Bergisch-Gladbach also completed her bachelor's degree in economics at the University of Cologne. In the meantime, she has moved her centre of life from the Rhineland to the north to Hamburg, where she lives with her boyfriend and where her German agency "PMA" is based. She regularly takes her followers on her Instagram account "evastaudinger" on her travels around the world and provides insights from her latest discoveries in the beauty, wellness and food sectors - anyone who wants to can take a look.











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