The great universal horoscope

It doesn't matter what sign you are or how the planets are positioned. Knuth's universal horoscope is always valid. You can find out now how the stars are aligned for you in 2022. Take a look, your future is waiting for you. Have fun!


Knuth's Universal Horoscope  

General situation
A lot has happened in the last few months. Not everything went according to plan and again and again you realize that life has many surprises in store for you. But you can be satisfied with yourself, you have mastered all situations. Many new experiences have come along. Some you would have liked to do without, others have helped you. Soberly seen your future is nothing else than a shadow of your past. This means for you that some of your ego building sites will also occupy you in the next months. But as a self-critical person you know what is best for you in the end. Also this year your chances are not bad, it could turn out well for you again, if your hopes remain realistic and you take care of your health.
Love is not a petting zoo. It is an enclosure full of pitfalls, in which we are all predators. It doesn't matter whether you are in a committed relationship or you are still looking for your sweetheart. If you already share your life with someone, the desire for a good relationship is at the top of your list. This requires a lot of discipline from you, because there are a few quirks about your partner that bother you in everyday life. But on the other hand, there are the many beautiful moments that outweigh them and make up for a lot. Of course, you also know your weaknesses, but you can always compensate for that with your nature. You should continue to work on this. Tip: A little change and variety would do your love good. If you are not yet taken, you still need a little patience. But there is no reason to become insecure now. Self-doubt is really not appropriate. Whether you're on Tinder waiting for your dream match or you're being passed around your circle of friends to finally meet someone, please remember one thing: No artificial intelligence or friendly initiation can spark love. Your heart alone decides and chooses the right moment.
In your job, you cling to things without feeling if this is what you wanted. Your professional environment appreciates your disciplined and professional way of solving tasks. When the situation demands it, you can be relied upon. Nevertheless, you always rethink your actions and decisions. You should be less strict with yourself. Maybe the reason why you sometimes think so much about the meaning of your work is because you realize that you are not using your abilities and talents to the full. You should use the next few months to find out what will take you further in life. Find out what really makes you happy. Whether that means more salary or power in the end, no one can say, maybe it's a completely different vocation in the end. Keep listening to yourself.
Knuth's universal horoscope appeared last year in his monthly review Lost and Found December 2020.


 Knuth is a founding member of SoSUE and supports other brands. He himself describes his work as "something with media. The Hamburg native would love to move to a mountain with a beach. You can learn more about Knuth on his website Collideor and Scope.


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