Welcome to Flowerpower-February

We are already in the second month of the new year and cold Hamburg winter seems to have no end... but don't worry, SoSUE always has a solution ready: How about our Antonia Flower blouse?! This blouse not only has flower but also power! So the next time you wake up and can't tell the sky from a concrete wall, look away to your wardrobe at our wonder blouse. We need more flowers in February.


The Antonia Flower blouse goes wonderfully with cream-coloured trousers to stay true to the bright theme. Insider tip: wear tights underneath and you'll still stay warm... Beauty isn't always pain! Below we pick up the colour again in form of these orange Autry sneakers. To store your good mood, here's a bag in Bottega-green from the label of the same name, Bottega Veneta. To summon your inner flower-hippie, we recommend the Maison Margiela Replica fragrance called Woodstock Music Festival plus floral jewellery for your ears via Jennifer Behr.

1 - SoSUE Bluse Antonia Flower 
2 - Pants from Jaquemus
3 - Tights from Falke
4 - Bag by Bottega Veneta
5 - Earrings by Jennifer Behr
6 - Perfume by Maison Margiela
7 - Sneakers from Autry

Now you are ready to face the miserable weather outside. On 26 March summertime starts again. With our flower blouse it feels just a stone's throw away.



About Tabea:

Tabea is a working student at SoSUE. She supports social media work, but also helps on site in the showroom or on the blog. She is also studying International Management in Hamburg. When she's not working at SoSUE, she likes to sew or read. If you want to know more about Tabea, check out her Linkedin page!

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