Trend Watch July

In our column "Trend Watch" we give you an update of the current trends spotted on Instagram and social media. Our editor Liesa has looked around the net for you and has picked out cool pieces. Let us inspire you and have fun shopping.

There are already again some trends and It-Pieces on Instagram and Co. in circulation. Who or what is currently high in the course, is always revealed on Tuesdays in the Instagram Story. I give you an overview of what was well received by the influencers this month and may not be missing in your closet. 
1. micro bag
After its flight of fancy as a fashion trend, the micro bag has now bridged the gap from novelty statement to fashion perennial. When the world was introduced to micro bags, it was a novelty. How absurd it seemed that a bag - something to store things in - was too small to carry much. Then celebrities jumped on the trend, carrying around these miniature bags both on their days off and on the red carpet (thanks, Lizzo). Then it made a little more sense: micro bags were a statement, perfect as a conversation starter. ("What even fits in this little bag?").
2. leggings
Until 2020 it was unthinkable to sit in leggings in the front row of Paris Fashion Week, but this year jersey leggings have become an unlikely trend item.


3. bright colors
The overwhelming consensus in the fashion world right now is that the bolder, the better. That explains why the color trends for summer 2021 are brighter and brighter than any we've seen in years. From the runways and red carpets to Instagram and TikTok, the looks that are drawing the most attention in 2021 are consistently striking. Colors like hot pink and saffron red popped up at Jacquemus' La Montagne show, and cyan blue and chartreuse graced our social media feeds on Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid, respectively. "This summer is all about bright, neon, vibrant colors," confirms Caroline Maguire, fashion director of Shopbop.
 4. stripes
Horizontal, vertical, thin, thick, black and white or vibrant colors, stripes are a graphic statement, day or night. And while we can't imagine there was ever a time when stripes weren't in.
5. Fluffy Slides
We have almost reached the end of the summer, and at this point we are very strong in terms of slippers. We've committed to the mood-lifting practice of wearing beloved but impractical shoes around the house, and we've also invested a few euros in shoes that were never meant for the pavement. But now that fall is just around the corner, we want to give our shoes an even cozier upgrade. We're talking a really cozy, furry, slipper kind of coziness.
6. Fishnet Bags
It's not uncommon for fashion enthusiasts to spend thousands of pounds on their next It bag, but the latest must-have is actually much more budget-friendly. You may have seen simple mesh bags on Instagram, artfully arranged with fruit or a pair of chic sunglasses. Not only does the simple market bag make it easy to carry my daily essentials, but it's also easy to stash away as an extra bag for later. It's perfect for the beach - no sand left in the bottom - but also chic enough to take to the office. 
Did you like my monthly Trend Watch? Then I'm very happy about your feedback and in the meantime I'm back on the search for new trends for you!
Until next time, your Liesa!




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