Top 5- Monocrome Monday

The week can't start more beautifully than with Monochrome Monday. And that's why we've summarized the most popular Monochrome Monday Looks in 2019. Is your favorite look included?

1. Monochrome Monday - Anthracite
Welcome to my grey area. This time the monochrome Monday is on anthracite from head to toe. With this colour, as dark as Hamburg's sky when it rains, I officially announce autumn. 081430 is the color code for the deep dark grey, which also looks great on walls and furniture. A frowned upon "non-colour"? No way!

2. Monochrome Monday - Safari
Sand, hot sand, savannah sand... I'm dreaming myself on my upcoming journey. We will soon travel to the Masai Mara, a legendary nature reserve in Kenya. Hopefully we will be able to watch gnus, zebras, gazelles and even elephants in their natural habitat. I am looking forward to this adventure and will try to write a little bit about my impressions every day

3. Monochrome Monday - Snake
And here we are again with the Monochrome Monday in animal prints. Attention poisonous! Because this time SoSue comes in snake green. The ensemble is from Isabel Marant and includes a skirt and a blouse. I also like the outfit on other days in exactly this combination: I feel totally retro in this look. The material is stretchy and I like all natural and green tones. The snake, like the zebra, is not as prominent in the street scene as the tiger. In winter I will wear a camel coat over it - this takes the sparkle out of the outfit. In addition, dark brown overknees would look good with it (I wish I had them already). 

4. Monochrome Monday - Black Denim
Sometimes I choose my outfits by a song. I'm an oldie at music. The other day I had "Black Magic Woman" by Santana in my head and spontaneously chose a "Black Denim Head To Toe - Outfit" for the Monochrome Monday Look. My friend Steffi says the picture is crooked, but I care about my mood when I hear the melody, the rhythm of my movements electrifies me - whether it is "p.c." compliant doesn't change the inspiring of the sound for me. To me, every work of art is made to be interpreted in a new way. But now to denim. 

5. Monochrome Monday - Leo
Actually, I was a little animal print tired when I went to Africa, but somehow a few pieces smuggled themselves into my suitcase. "If if not here, where else," I thought and threw the silky Nili Lotan slip dress in the bag. This weighs nothing and for the evening under the bright starry sky of the Masai Mara I could at least keep the hyenas in control with it and when the temperature drops to 14 degrees I just slip on the Leo sweatshirt from Ragdoll. "Camouflaging the Scene" means to adapt to nature or the area in terms of color. Read more here


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