Forecast 2020: Vanessa

1. I look forward to the book/film/series next year:

Oh, I don't know. My favourite series have all just ended - unfortunately: Stranger Things, GOT and How to Get Away With Murder. I would be happy if I finally could find some more time again to flip through magazines :-)

2. My favourite item for next year: frills are coming

My favorite item for the next SoSUE summer season is a dress. I am lovingly calling it „little strawberry“ - it's look is very feminine with frills. Again a perfect dress that I can just throw on, without having to worry too much about the look. In addition I need a nice summer hat, light sandals and then I am ready for the summer to come. 

3. What I wish for the next year: sun, family and new countries

Privately, I am looking forward to having more time with my family and friends in the sun next year - if possible a beach surrounding would be a blast ☺. Anyway, we will try to have  lots of little time outs in the sun. Hopefully it will work out the way we imagine. But so far everything looks set and good for makting it happen.

Professionally, I am already looking forward to the progressing internationalization of SoSUE. I am curious to see how our fashion is perceived in other countries. We have already set the course accordingly.

 4. Your SoSUE item, which will accompany you into next year as well: Not without my knit wear.

What will also accompany me in 2020 is my black and grey SOSUE knitted sweater. I like wearing it very much and as often as possible. The quality is great, hardly any pilling and they look like new even after 5 washes. If I don't know what to wear, my two knitted sweaters are always a sure fallback option. With them I always feel styled without strain.

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