Modern Classic Remix - A Visit at Style Expert Sue Giers

Whoa! At the end of the year we have a little highlight!

We thank Westwing for the great homestory at SoSUE. It was great fun for us and we are a big Westwing fan. Here you can see the result (but you have to be a Westwing member) As an alternative you can get the complete interview directly from us. Have fun with the house tour!

Westwing: How would you describe your style of living?
Sue: Just like my dress style: modern classics mixed with vintage, travel goods and Bohemian

Westwing: What is your style mix?
Sue: That is of course SoSUE, that corresponds to my lifestyle, is personal and individual. I like it when things/furniture are emotionally charged. My father recently brought me a silk Persian carpet for our living room (it looked really old-fashioned at first). I then simply turned it over and found that the matt pastel shades were now a wonderful match for the rest of the interior and so I now have a piece of my father with us.

Westwing: What fascinates you so much about the old building? What was a challenge?
Sue: I love the spacious, high rooms - they have something very airy, bright and generous (especially when you live on the raised ground floor). The stucco inspires my imagination and is a warm, cosy style element as a contrast to the modern Serge Mouille wall lamp. On our SoSUE blog, I love the ruptures in life as well. This is also expressed in my style of living.
Negative: Unfortunately the internet is a disaster and of course you have to watch out for the beautiful doors and glass elements with 3 children.


Westwing: What are your central elements or must-haves that make the difference?
Sue: Modern classics, a few vintage pieces bought at auction and great, individual eye-catchers in the form of lamps and art.

Westwing: Where do you see the connection or similarity between fashion and interior design?
Sue: As described above: An interior, similar to a dress, is an expression of personality and character. I would even say that interior says even more about a person than his clothing style. I think we are very trained in how to dress to underline our personality. Thanks to Westwing and Pinterest there is really good concrete help and inspiration for the furnishing. Above all, it makes furnishing more imaginable and more accessible for everyone than before.

Westwing: Can you describe your favourite place or room in more detail? What makes it special?
Sue: My favorite room is actually my bedroom with my Silver/Metallic Walk in Closet (called my safe). I like this room because I can retreat here and the warm grey tones with the silver have something soothing about it. The wall color is pink with a mini shot and I let the girl in me get her turn. Also the Moroccan cover with the silver mirror buttons is a homage to my playfulness. Here I can simply switch off or just read.


Westwing: Colours seem to play a key role in your home - would you like to explain this a little more?
Sue: Yes, I love the night blue rooms (study and guest rooms) mixed with dark wood and gold elements they have a certain drama or something sophisticated. In any case also something "higher" and very warm. Otherwise I like light grey tones in different shades. Altogether the colors must result in a composition. If I had several floors I would start down very brightly, in the middle darker become in above even black or emerald green. A house furnishing should, similar to a good play, follow a dramaturgy.

Westwing: Your last interior discovery or achievement?
Sue: Funnily enough a self-woven basket with lid from the Okavango Delta/Botswana. A dear friend dragged it through half of Africa to bring it to me. I have put him next to my bed and from time to time I throw in crumpled slips of paper with ideas, wishes and little poems in the hope that some of them will come true.



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