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In our series all about cooking and baking, guest author Bettina from @besch_food introduces you to a new SoSUE seasonal recipe every month. Look forward to tasty treats from her private cookbook and get inspired. Enjoy your meal! 

February 14....Valentine's Day. Everyone has their own rituals. New lovers want to give free rein to their feelings and shower their loved one with attention. This can mean a coffee in bed, red roses or making yourself beautiful for the other person. Preferably all at once. The long relationships may wink at each other, take each other in the arm and know that this is also just a date. Every couple is different there and everything is probably right. I once read that the counseling phones glow, whether too high and then disappointed expectations. is love. It should not demand anything, but give.
And this year it is especially up to us to express our appreciation to our partners. No restaurant to go to, no flower store open. We are on our own and doing our best.

I have prepared for you a nice and simple recipe. Really quite easy and good to prepare. We buy the flowers this year in the supermarket and rearrange them with extra love. (Here with me in the photos in a lantern). Candles on, beautiful cloth napkins, evergreen branches on the table, favorite music and wear something nice. (I'm thinking of sosue' wonderful collection!)


Foto @besch_food

Pink ceviche for 2 people

400g white and firm fleshed fish
(here winter cod)
4 limes
1-2 chillis
some sea salt
1 small red onion
juice of half a pomegranate
fresh coriander greens (according to taste)

Foto @besch_food

Cut the fish into thin slices about 1 hour before your dinner.
Squeeze the juice from the limes and pour over the fish.
Remove the seeds from the chilli peppers and cut into rings.
Caution. Do not touch the eyes with your fingers. Better wear gloves.

Foto @besch_food

Sprinkle a little sea salt and cover the fish completely with the juice of the limes. Refrigerate. Just before serving, thinly slice (or slice) the red onion, drizzle the juice of the pomegranate over it and serve with fresh cilantro greens.
The acid allows the protein of the fish to "cook" cold. If you like, let the fish sit longer. Or just 10 minutes, in which case it will still be glazed on the inside. You must make sure that the fish is freshly caught. Do not use defrosted!!!


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Serve with a little baguette or an acocado salad.
Enjoy and celebrate the love!

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If you want to conjure up a real 3-course meal, I recommend a yellow melon gazpacho as an appetizer - iced and served with chili shrimp.


For dessert there is a sweet temptation, a lava chocolate cake. 

Foto @besch_food


Have a good one!
Yours Bettina


About the author:

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Bettina and I have been cooking with passion ever since I can remember. Originally I studied architecture and worked for many years as an architectural photographer. I am 55, have raised 4 children and live in Munich with my husband, dog and youngest child. I am also a grandma.
Last year I completed a one-year training as a nutritionist and as a mindfulness coach. Healthy food and a happy soul are the basis for a healthy life, so I try to translate all my knowledge into healthy and delicious dishes.

I have been organizing cooking trips to Marrakech for a few years now. Unfortunately, Corona is throwing a wrench in the works at the moment.

From now on I may suggest you a recipe every month. Mainly vegetarian and always seasonal. It should be quick and delicious. I promise!

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