Recipe May- lukewarm asparagus salad

In our series, which is about cooking and baking, guest author Tanja from " mein Ideenreich" presents a new SoSUE seasonal recipe every month. Look forward to treats from her private cookbook and let yourself be inspired. Bon appetite!

It's asparagus time. Depending on the weather, the season begins in mid-April and ends on the so-called Asparagus New Year's Eve on 24 June. Although the farmers can still plant asparagus after this time, this would mean that the harvest next year would be smaller. Hence this traditional deadline. Since asparagus cultivation requires a lot of water, it is absolutely essential to obtain it from Germany. The import from Spain, Greece, etc. causes a bad CO2 balance. Most asparagus comes from Lower Saxony, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Asparagus is incredibly healthy. It has a high water content of 93 percent and contains hardly any calories. Instead, it is full of minerals and vitamins, e.g. potassium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin B. It has a diuretic effect due to its high nitrogen content. Therefore it is not suitable for everyone. People with dropsy, kidney stones, or with elevated uric acid levels should rather not eat it.

Whether the white or green asparagus is healthier is not clear. The amount of minerals and vitamins depends on whether the asparagus sees light before harvest.

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When I was a child, I used to love to eat asparagus with sauce hollandaise (butter sauce), potatoes and schnitzel. Nowadays, however, I appreciate the healthy and low-calorie qualities of asparagus and therefore prefer to prepare healthier dishes.

One recipe that everyone in my family likes to eat is lukewarm asparagus salad.

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Ingredients for 2 - 3 persons:
150 g rocket salad
approx. 750 g asparagus
200 g cocktail tomatoes
1 teaspoon sugar (softens the bitter substances)
1/2 tsp salt
1 teaspoon lemon juice (so that the asparagus stays nice and white)

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Wash and peel the asparagus. Then cut it into bite-sized pieces and discard the woody ends. Fill a saucepan with up to a quarter of water and bring to the boil together with the sugar, salt and lemon juice. Add the asparagus and let it simmer at low heat for about 15 minutes. In the meantime, wash the arugula and cocktail tomatoes. Arrange the rucola together with halved cocktail tomatoes on a plate.

100 ml olive oil
100 ml white wine vinegar
100 ml agave syrup
1 tsp mustard medium hot
1 pinch of salt

Put all ingredients in a shaker or in a simple jar and shake vigorously.

As soon as the asparagus is cooked al dente, spread it out on the prepared plate and pour the salad dressing over it.

Serve the salad till its warm.

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About the author:

There is something that connects us all: Food. It can mean so much: conviviality, pleasure, conversation, home, homeland, distance, romance, etc. Everyone associates something with a certain dish, e.g. a trip, a person, or a childhood memory, etc.

Food also determines our health and appearance. You are what you eat. That's why as a mother I pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet. Especially today it is not always easy - despite the diversity - to eat properly, because we all lack time. That's why I (myself working) always try to create recipes that are healthy, simple, tasty and fast. On weekends or for guests it can be a bit more expensive. And of course sweet sins are also on my menu.

I am Tanja, over40, mother to one boy, married and born in Munich.

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