Curtain Bangs...yes or no?

Curtain bangs are one of the most popular haircuts at the moment. Literally translated it means curtain bangs, i.e. bangs that are divided in the middle like a curtain. Curtain bangs were already a popular haircut in the 60s. The French actress Brigitte Bardot made the long bangs popular back then.
Now this trend, like so many others, has also returned.

Often the Curtain Bangs, are not cut at eyebrow height like the traditional fringe, but rather left a little longer and cut in a tiered style. The blogger Matilda Djerf, in terms of her hairstyle immediately caught my eye, because she wears the popular Curtain Bangs and these look just great on her.


Now the question is - how do you style the curtain bangs properly so that they look good and don't fall flat on your face. There are several ways to style the bangs, one of them is with the help of a straightening iron.

To do this, first take the front strands and hold them up over your head. Then place the straightening iron at the hairline and turn it 180 degrees while moving it over the strand. This will give the bangs a nice sweep, keep them from falling in your face, and add volume.

Another way to style the Curtain Bangs is with a hair dryer and a normal round brush. To do this, take your bangs and wrap them around the round brush, towards the back of your head. Now the hairdryer comes into play - you hold the hairdryer for about 1-2 minutes on the round brush, so that the bangs get a curved shape. Do this until you are satisfied with the result. Then take the round brush out of the hair and put the bangs in the desired shape - done.


To fix both styling variants, you need a little hairspray, emphasis is here on "little", so that it does not weigh down the hair. This you spray lightly over your head, so that they remain so beautiful all day. Here I recommend the Session Spray from Kevin Murphy, which does not weigh down and still provides sufficient hold.


So from me the Curtain Bangs get a clear YES! The hairstyle is playful and romantic, and it also makes the hair look more voluminous. Dare and try it out, the good thing about the Curtain Bangs is that if you don't like them, you can grow them out very quickly, because they are not as short as a real fringe.


About the author:

Hi I'm Rosa. I'm a native of Hamburg and also completed my bachelor's degree in the Hanseatic city in the subject of media and communications management or as they say - something with media. I like to spend my free days strolling and drinking coffee in small shopping streets and as soon as the time of day allows it, I also like to have a glass of wine and the right company. I am easily inspired and like to philosophize regularly about God and the world.


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