16 tips for a perfect wedding

 Oh happy day...The fact is that most wedding couples fall into bed at the end of the day completely exhausted and the bride probably already had to suffer one or the other small nervous breakdown during the preparations. But it is also a fact that this does not have to be the case and that it is all a question of organization. And as long-time wedding specialists, hopeless romantics and detail-loving event managers, we should know. That's why we've put together our top tips for your dream wedding.




From Jennifer and Nora - Die Kochfabrik 


1 - The date
The most beautiful locations are usually booked up for months and the registry offices also have a certain lead time. We therefore recommend you to plan at least
1 1/2 year in advance. The most popular wedding days are of course Fridays and Saturdays from April to October. It might be worth considering a great staged winter wedding or setting a Sunday for your big day.

2 - Church or free?
If you don't want to get married in church, you don't have to miss out on a romantic ceremony. A free wedding ceremony with a wedding speaker can be very personal and allows you a lot of creative freedom. For example, a fire ritual where you write down your wishes for each other and then hand them over to the flames.



3 - The budget
The romance should be in the foreground and you don't want to think too much about money? If you set yourself a realistic budget right at the beginning, you'll make a lot of back and forth easier and save a lot of time.

Here is a list of the most important cost items and some estimates to help you get a rough idea:

Wedding speaker - you should be able to get one for 850 Euros or more.
Wedding car - depends on the car of course
Dress, suit, accessories & styling - there are probably no limits here...
Wedding rings - somehow not here either...
Location, Food, Drinks & Service - calculate here at least with 200 Euro per person
Decoration - there are no limits, but you should calculate with at least 1.500 Euro.
Music (e.g. DJ or live band, singer, walking act) - for example, you can get a DJ for 1,500 euros or more
Photographer, videographer - plan on at least 2,000 euros per day.

4 - The guest list

The number of guests is of course closely related to your budget. First of all, think about the people you don't want to miss out on from your family and friends, and then decide who else should be on the guest list. Be aware that this is your big day and you decide how you want to organize it.

5 - The location

The choice of the location is not so easy. First, think about where you want to celebrate: rather in the city or in the country? What kind of style suits you? A bit romantic, more elegant or a bit rustic? The trend is definitely towards greenery and weddings in the countryside. Romantic half-timbered courtyards, old barns or manor houses with spacious gardens are popular here. Find out about parking, nearby accommodation and any restrictions on the volume and duration of your celebration.



6 - Decoration
What would a wedding be without flowers and lovely decoration? It will be especially harmonious if you think about a color concept and a style direction. With these guidelines, your florist can conjure up the perfect look. For example, a little boho with light tones and lots of pampas grass, or something fancier with bold colors? Let the season and the conditions of your location inspire you.

7 - Stationery

Think about the invitation, place cards, menu cards, seating plans, favors and thank you cards. In the best case, you get everything from a single source and tailored to your wishes. A color concept with black looks particularly cool. It becomes romantic with delicate pastel shades, of course with cream and brown tones and elegant with white and rose gold.

8 - Food & Drinks
For a cool and relaxed wedding we recommend refreshing drinks and selected finger food for the reception, later a fine BBQ (of course not only for meat lovers but also for vegetable fans) with a matching wine selection, delicious cupcakes and a fantastic wedding cake as well as a small midnight snack. The trick is to keep surprising and spoiling your guests with culinary delights throughout the day, but not overfeeding them. After all, you still want to dance, right?



9 - Supporting program
Keep your guests happy! Make sure the glasses are full, the stomachs are full and there is entertainment. Think about the agenda, but leave room for spontaneity and momentum. Think about which contributions from friends and family you are happy about and which you can do without. Identify a person who can take over the communication and organization here in your sense.

10 - Photography
Do not save money on a photographer. The pictures should please you for years to come and perfectly convey the memory of your wonderful day. We love authentic, unposed motifs that capture the emotion of the moment and for that you need true professionals. Alternatively or complementary, we recommend hiring a videographer.

11 - Music
Also with the choice of the music you should not make any compromises, because only with the right sound the right mood comes up. Singer, walking act, DJ or live band, you don't have to choose only one artist. A good DJ is a safe bank in any case. But we find a rousing live band even more atmospheric.

12 - Keep guests happy

The all-time favorite is the photo box. The later the evening, the funnier the pictures. Musical walking acts or an animal surprise are also very good: cuddly alpacas that your guests can take for a walk will simply win everyone's heart! However, we advise you not to bring pigeons - this usually doesn't end well for the little white friends. Balloons are also harmful to the environment. A great alternative are fresh or dried flower petals.



13 - Wedding Dress, Make-up & Styling
The most important topic for brides-to-be: the dress! Here, too, go on the search early. Get advice on which cut suits you best and try on what you feel most comfortable in. No one wants to have to squeeze into an uncomfortable dress all day. Especially seductive at the moment are transparent details on simple dresses or elegant pantsuits for the bride.

And always remember: Your groom has chosen you as you are! For a perfect finish, an experienced make-up artist will give you a natural make-up and a breathtaking hairstyle. For this, we definitely recommend a trial appointment in advance.

14 - Transportation
To get from the registry office or the church to the location, you need a vehicle that suits you and is fun. An old beetle, a stylish vintage car, a cool van or maybe an old school bus for the whole company. Maybe someone in your circle of friends or family also has a great car.

15 - Overnight stay
In order for your guests to stay as long as possible at your party and to fulfill their duty as guests, namely to contribute to the general mood, it is advisable to offer a suitable accommodation. This way, everyone is relaxed and nothing stands in the way of a roaring party until the wee hours of the morning.Inform yourself about hotels, guesthouses or vacation homes in the vicinity of your location.

16 - On the wedding day
We've already covered this point, but we'd like to recommend it to you once again: appoint a person you trust to take care of all the organizational matters on the wedding day and to be available as a contact person for your service providers. The most important thing is that you can enjoy your day together, relaxed and stress-free. Then nothing will stand in the way of a wonderful wedding night.


Addresses: A few of our favorite partners that we highly recommend:

Locations: Die KOCHfabrik GmbH   - goldschaetzchen.com, kochfabrik-hochzeit.com

Food & Drinks: Die KOCHfabrik GmbH  - koch-fabrik.com

Stationery: Tatengold  - tatengold.de

Flowers: Dat Blomen Hus - datblomenhus-kleinwort.de

Wedding Dresses: elbbraut - elbbraut.de

Suits: dresscode  - smokingverleih-dresscode.hamburg

Bridal-Styling: Jenny Kruse -  jennykruse-beauty.de

Cakes & Tarts: Cherrylicious  - cherrylicious.net

Photography: Bianca Becker- bianca-becker-fotografie.de,  Dirk Schönfeld - dsfotos.de

Wedding Speaker: Traurederei traurederei.de  / Kerstin @aus_zwei_wird_eins 



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