3 simple ways to enjoy your holiday!

Foto: Kung Shing - Eine einsame Bank zum Wolkengucken, ein perfekter Platz für Ferienfaulenzer

In the most beautiful time of the year -on holiday - everything should be perfect. When we come back, we want to be deeply rested and inspired. In fact, relaxed, happy and well-tanned seems no longer to be enough. Today, everyone wants to experience as much as possible emotionally on holiday, awaken new abilities in themselves, and feel interest and enthusiasm. Self-optimization today can even make it to the sun lounger or to the yoga course on the mountain pasture. Discipline, motivation, knowledge and fitness should be increased in as short a time as possible so that we can function fully again or remain competitive in the job. I ask myself: Why do people get so stressed on holiday? According to my observations, people not only take too much clothes with them when they travel, they also pack too many demands and expectations into their suitcases. They would feel better if they didn't do anything during their holidays. Just lazing around, hanging out or chilling - nothing more. Family, friends and company can cope with that.

For years I have avoided doping myself mentally or physically on holiday. Less on vacation is actually more from my experience. Here are my three recommendations for becoming a holiday lazybones. I didn't feel like more and more tips would only be stressful on holiday.

1.stay at one place

Don't try to create 10 cities, 5 beaches and 12 outlets stores in 14 days. Don't rush from one place to another. Your reputation on Facebook and in your WhatsApp group won't suffer. If you stay in one place, you'll get a sense of time again. You'll feel a different rhythm, discover new things, personalities, and corners that you would have missed if you'd traveled through them in a hurry. Do you remember what it was like as a child in summer when you played outside all day undisturbed? The day was endless. If you stay in one place, you have a good chance of endless days. What would be so bad about that?

2. no resolutions on vacation to implement

For many people, holidays are something like the start of the new year. Now in the holiday season we try our luck again. Everything we haven't managed so far will be made up now. Do you really think that if you've been jogging twice in 14 days, you'll continue at home? Are you sure that a change of diet is a good idea when you travel to Tuscany? In truth, you would rather lie by the pool and regularly spend the afternoon at the local café with the locals. Go ahead. You'll never have it that good again this year. Better think about why it hasn't worked out so far with the resolutions. Maybe they were wrong or you are satisfied with much simpler things, like walking instead of running or audiobooks instead of reading. No one would be offended if you discovered new and easier ways for yourself.


Foto: Kung Shing - Bitte nicht im Urlaub zu neuen Ufern aufbrechen. Einfach treiben lassen!

3. check mails on vacation

People who check corporate emails on the beach have no vacation. Don't do that and turn it off, even if the small numbers in the red circles on your apps grow into the four-digit range. Be cool and don't answer. Remember, good news doesn't reach you, bad news always does. If something happens, you'll know soon enough and then you can't change it anyway. Leave also your private mails and WhatsApps on the left. Everybody has to get along without you. You've earned it, it's your holiday, there's nothing to excuse. That's it.





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