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Last month was the sunniest March Knuth had ever experienced. He could count the gray days on one hand. He was on his cell phone a lot and followed the Ukraine war on social media. Many people show their concern here. Not everyone likes that. Knuth has fewer problems with it. Why? You can find out here. He also has a few cultural tips for you that he discovered for himself.


March 2022 - Each year the Pantone Color Institute chooses a color of the year. For 2022 it was Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri. If you like it less hip, you can also say purple. But fate had other plans, it doesn't care about the destination people make. It does what wants. And so blue and yellow are now the colors of the year.

I see the national colors of Ukraine everywhere: children scribble them with chalk on the sidewalks, they proudly flutter on balconies, they are worn as a bow on lapels and they adorn many advertising posters.

People also fly the Ukrainian flag in the digital world. As soon as the first impacts in Kiev were seen in the social media feeds, all sorts of blue and yellow combinations followed, mixed with appeals for donations, outrage and expressions of solidarity. After all the decades of peace and carelessness in Germany, the horror of the Russian attack runs very deep. In the filter realities on Instagram and Tiktok, the war was suddenly very close. Therefore, I am not surprised that even people are speaking out, from whom I did not expect it before. For me, that's okay, because it's also partly due to the collective coming to terms with this catastrophe. And today that takes place not only as a statement on a cloth bag, but also on the Internet.

I admit that some of what I see on the web is a bit strange, when on accounts between cat photos, handbags, Aperol spritz or sunsets suddenly the reality of war is processed with the usual peace folklore. It may look cheesy or disproportionate, but it's the means of the time. I think the sympathy is genuine and I take it seriously. It's perfectly fine with me, as long as it's not self-pity.

But to now swing a self-righteous moral club against influencers, for example, I think is over the top. Basically, it's the eternal duel: On the one side are the old established media, and on the other side are the new media. One wants to inspire its audience with narratives and the other wants to convince its followers with storytelling. As a reader and viewer, I know that both parties are not only concerned with information, they are also concerned with attention and the sovereignty of interpretation.

Everyone in this media circus also publishes irrelevant content. I don't even exclude my own contributions from this. In the meantime, I have become accustomed to the colorful mix of opinions and stories from the various sources and channels. Time and again, I find good contributions. Separating it feels like the 20th century to me. Only the poet-and-thinker frontrow still does that, dividing books into serious and entertaining literature.

I would have liked to ask the TV comedian and participant of the TV dance show "Dancing with the Stars" and current president of Ukraine Volodimir Selenski about this. I don't think he would care where the support is coming from at the moment, what would be important to him is that it strengthens his country in the fight against the Russian invasion. Perhaps he, who himself makes skilful use of digital media, would also point out that many people have been mobilized via Facebook and the like to stand by Ukraine.

As long as this war rages, people will continue to take their opinions and feelings to their networks. We should make every effort that soon there will be peace again. Every Insta post and every newspaper article that helps against the war is welcome.




Even before the pandemic, I asked myself who actually needs all these award ceremonies like the Oscars or Golden Globe? My impression is that they really don't interest anyone anymore, even the Red Carpet has become unimportant because it's rolled out on my phone every day. The Oscars in March were the absolute nadir. Maybe all these events where celebrities give awards to celebrities, get cheered or slapped by celebrities, should just stop for a few years.





Wonderful years


2-year-old Dean Williams lives with his family in a nice, clean suburb of Montgomery, Alabama. His father is a music professor, his mother works as a secretary, his older sister is involved in the Black Power movement and his brother is in Vietnam. The Disney series shows the everyday life of Dean and his African-American family in the 1960s. He has plenty of teenage problems like all boys that age. The race riots and racism are addressed, but they are not the focus. Finally a series that shows African-Americans in a different way: no burning trash cans and no pimps, but lots of funny situations and good entertainment.

Wunderbare Jahre - verfügbar auf Disney Plus



Housewife invention



When I discovered the book, I actually wondered who pushed women into the role of housewife. The Corona pandemic only reinforced the role model: women do most of the care work. Evke Rulffes looks back and uses historical sources to show how this "history of devaluation" could come about. The bourgeoisie did a lot for freedom, but only if it was white and male. Women still had to have children, run the household, and be presentable at the same time. There are dependency relationships today that are not at all dissimilar to the 19th century. Enlightening is written on the back cover of the book. It's true.

Erfindung der Hausfrau   – Evke Rulffes, 288 Seiten, Verlagsgruppe Harper Collins



Wet Leg



Women who pluck mustily at the guitar, sometimes fidget strangely and somehow sound like old cassette recorders, immediately win my heart. Songs like "Wet Dream" or "Chaise Longue" I would love to listen to loudly in the back of a bus in the last row of seats. Alternatively, I would also take a pedestrian underpass and spontaneously let it rattle there. Why? Because that good British indie rock from Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers emotionally belongs there. I'm grateful for the sound. That the two musicians from the Isle of Wight have made it across the channel to me, I'm glad, because as a Hamburger I always found bands that come from the island very exciting.

Wet Leg  – Wer Leg verfügbar auf Apple Music und Spotify



House of Gucci



On the Internet portal, around 800 Italians bear the name Gucci, putting them in first place, followed by Indonesia with 302 Guccis and Kenya with 253 Guccis. In Germany, there are zero Guccis. With this name, everyone immediately knows that it is about beauty, style and luxury. The fashion house is one of the most famous that the fashion world has to offer. That there is also a drama behind it, probably not even the most chic fashion editors knew. The film shows the dark secrets of the house of Gucci. Sodom and Gomorrah, not even Dante could have thought up such a story. Mamma Mia, the movie is great cinema with Lady Gaga (really good) and Adam Driver (super good). My favorite Jared Leto (mega good) as the crazed Paolo Gucci. His crazy corduroy suits alone are worth seeing.

House of Gucci – verfügbar bei u.a. auf Apple TV, YouTube, Amazon Prime



Master and Margarita



The devil visits Stalinist Moscow in the 1930s with his evil assistants. Since at that time no one believes in God anymore and therefore also in Satan, he has an easy game. He causes great chaos and much damage. The officials deny everything and speak of a mass hypnosis. Only the dopey writer who calls himself the Master and his lover Margarita escape. A really funny novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. The cult book tells a lot about the conditions in the Soviet Union at that time. Most important quote: "At least believe in the devil!" In view of current events in Europe, I do so again, because nothing seems to have changed in Moscow.

Meister und Margarita – Michail Bulgakow, 608 Seiten, DTV Verlag  (My picture shows my edition, it is a bit older).




Thanks for taking some time and reading my post. Don't hang around here any longer. Go out into the world and experience something. Have fun and see you soon.



Knuth is a founding member of SoSUE and supports other brands. He himself describes his work as "something with media. The Hamburg native would love to move to a mountain with a beach. Learn more about Knuth on his website Collideor and Scope.

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