Wedding Specialist- Love is in the air -Interview with Nadine Metgenburg

Nadine Metgenburg had a dream: to become the best event manager for weddings and celebrations. Within a very short time, the mother of 4 children has worked her way to the top of a highly competitive industry with a lot of perseverance, attention to detail and an unwavering will. Nadine has always been able to organize and plan - she is a natural talent. When the 44-year-old Rhinelander was just starting her own business, she lost her great love to cancer. A stroke of fate that almost tore the ground out from under Nadine's feet and only those who know the Rhinelander personally know where she got the courage and strength to build up her agency from scratch and carry on. I hardly know anybody who strides through life in such a positive, warm and always good-humoured way and she was a great role model for me when I was not doing so well either. Nadine is a stove of ideas, can inspire people to grow beyond themselves and is a real jack of all trades. She likes to think in superlatives and a "no" is rather an incentive for her to make the impossible possible. Last year I was able to be there when she celebrated her book premiere as a wedding planner in a church. With so many celebrations and weddings that Nadine had organized in the last years it was almost obvious to write down the experience and to place it in the hands of the many marriage-willing couples as a wedding guideline and for so long I wanted to ask to her a few more questions:

Sue: According to statistics, Valentine's Day is the busiest day for marriage proposals. So when do you come into play?

Nadine: Pretty fast: Often the brides google for a suitable wedding planner right on the day of the proposal. We notice that here alone by the number of hits on our website and the following requests. If not on the same day, then at least one or a few days later.

Sue: Your book is a nice guide to the perfect wedding and it should make you want to get married - how did you come up with it?

Nadine: First of all, thank you for the compliment. I am very happy about it, especially from you as a journalist and blogger. It makes me especially proud. Well, and how did I come up with it. Honestly: An agent approached me with this idea and asked me if I would like to write a book about weddings, and before I knew it, I agreed and became a book author (laughs). So "I said Yes".


Sue: I guess not every couple knows how they want to spend the "most important day" of their lives together. How do you help find inspiration?

Nadine: I always look at the couple's DNA. At a wedding two people come together, each with their own likes and dislikes. In the end a great blend is needed, the mix is what makes it happen. And I work it out. I then create

Questions like: What colors do you like? Which music? Which food? Romantic? Urban? Elegant? Modern? What are the couple's hobbies? Where did they meet? What does the couple have in common? Inspiration is everywhere.

By the way, brides are also very active on the social channels. They see in real time what weddings in New York, Milan, Sydney or Lebanon look like and get their inspiration from that. At this point we help to curate that while the couple remains true to their personal style.

Sue: What is the perfect wedding/the perfect party for you?

Nadine: When the bridal couple is relaxed and can feel like a guest at their own wedding and celebrate in a relaxed manner. Then the wedding is perfect and I have done everything right.

Sue: What are the ingredients for a successful celebration and I assume that it is not always a question of the budget whether a celebration is successful!

Nadine: You are absolutely right, dear Sue. Whether a party becomes "a success" does not depend on the budget. "It's all in the details". But if my five golden rules are followed, every guest is guaranteed to leave the party with a smile: The guest must not sweat or freeze. He must not be hungry or thirsty. The fifth and most important rule: The guest must not be bored! This point is crucial and at the same time the biggest challenge in party planning, because people today have a very short attention span. Take Generation Z, for example, the Millenials. Their average attention span is 3 nanoseconds. But if you take these points into account and add your own style as a couple, the mood will definitely be unique and the party will be a success.

Sue: How important are clear dress codes for a party and why do so many people always feel so pressured by them?

Nadine: Pressure? Why? Most of the guests want to be dressed correctly, so they want to appear neither over- nor underdressed. If everyone wears Black Tie, then I don't come in jeans or I don't feel comfortable in jeans. The same goes for the other way around. That's why I find it takes pressure off when the bridal couple clearly communicates dress codes.

And it is really becoming easier and easier for the guests: there are now more and more so-called "Attire Recommendations". That means visualizing the dress code for the Wedding Weekend. This makes it easy for guests to choose different outfits for different occasions on the weekend. This is especially helpful if the bridal couple is thinking up more sophisticated dress codes, for example if the get-together has a special motto like "Dune Chic", "Wild West" or "Dirty Thirty".

Sue: What are the latest wedding trends?

Nadine: There is a lot going on in terms of entertainment: In the meantime, not only a DJ or a live band creates the atmosphere, no, there is entertainment from the beginning to the end. That can be the champagne lady, who receives you already at the gate. A setting like in a tropical forest or a glass tent that immerses the party in an enchanted atmosphere. In between, a quick-draw artist, a theatre group or a fire dancer entertains the guests. The whole thing is also gladly accompanied by "Emotional Catering" - Flying Fingerfood, which is served by artists in an artistic way. The aim is to create special moments that will be remembered and to build up a dramaturgical suspense over 72 hours. And that is what we do!



Sue: Does the term "sustainable" also apply to marriage?

Nadine: Definitely. More and more importance is being attached to sustainability and the so-called green weddings. I have to say that our luxury weddings are already sustainable by definition: They are special, extraordinary and memorable. But we also act sustainably when it comes to the responsible use of resources. Customers who have us plan a wedding at home in a small circle, for example, usually use their own silverware, which has been inherited over several generations. Otherwise, we only hire fine cutlery and crockery, disposable is out of the question. Drinks and meals are usually served from crystal glasses, carafes and on porcelain plates. Even behind the scenes for the crew catering, we do completely without disposable plastic. We also stop all our service providers to do so. For example, most of our florists dispense with the green, environmentally harmful sticky material to attach floral decorations. But one thing is clear: green weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and customers are explicitly asking for them. This was not the case a few years ago. In my opinion, this is not just a passing trend.




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