Please meet Julian Daynov- Global Trend Scout, Buyer and Portfolio Consultant

Please meet Julian - a Berliner by choice, New Yorker by heart and cosmopolitan by mindset, who frequently travels the world as certified Trend Scout, Buyer and Portfolio Consultant for huge retail chains (Harrods, Barneys, TJX, Tsum, Saks Fifth Avenue), helping them curate an exciting product mix of Fashion and Lifestyle Goods and showing them what's hot on the other side of the world. Right now, he is involved in setting up the first couple of branches of New York's iconic fashion-bargain spot Saks Off 5thlaunching in Germany and Holland this summer.

Being a serial networker and an ultimate art junkie, he also works on his own traveling pop-up gallery space, showcasing pop-art objects, paintings and photography, with past shows in Paris, New York and San Fransisco, Berlin surely soon to follow. 

Just recently, Julian had a tete-a-tete with "Fashion's Favorite Girl" - as he calls Sue - and pretended to concentrate on her questions, although he could not get his eyes off her Vetements sweatshirt. Read what he had to say about Berlin Fashion Week, his flawless hair and the city he now calls home. 

Julian, what did you think of Berlin Fashionweek?
Well, it somehow took a while for it to pick up, bit slightly it looks less like the octoberfest and more like a fashion week: i am not saying it has still done great, but the bratwurst and creppes stands which shocked me at the tent some years ago are gone now - luckily! 

I very much loved the venue this time - the former department store at the Brunnenstrasse. very Berlin-chic, reflecting the spirit of the city eveybidy immediately falls in love with and being right there, where most of the berlin fashion takes place anyways - in Mitte (and sort of 3 min walk from my place- LOL). It felt so much more authentic than the seasons before. 

What also really impressed me is the berliner mode salon - such a lovely initiative and a truly woow-selection of german design across the borders of just apparel. there were so many gorgeous things to see. and - hell, what a venue! apparently, berlin has it all: from rancid industrial spaces to host the fashion week, to opulent ball-rooms to showcase the berliner mode salon. So many faces, so much to see, so much to explore! 

To be honest, i have been admiring berlin designers for quite some time now – Michael Sonntag, Odeeh, Hien Le, William Fan, Vladimir Karaleev, Goetze - such a great job they do in design and craftsmanship, i just wish them all the best and to finally be able to shake up the boring big brands and get in the spotlight. 

Which Product do you use for your hair?
Oh, how cute of you to ask - i am probably the nightmare or any haircare company: zero loyal to a single brand. Usually, i am using a mix of Bumble & Bumble hair preserving shampoo and conditionerand also some of Redken's Smooth Lock series for straight hair. Because of that daily hot-iron overkill my hair gets, i totally need these guys to make it look shiny and fab.  

In summer, i love using texture mists and salt spray and usually wear it open and free, i am letting it enjoy summer times and try to smudge less stuff into it. This might sound very odd and not-on-trend, but i am not at all into all these scent-free, grass-smelling new generation shampoos. i don't like smelling after a spice dispenser.

What's the smell of Berlin?
Well, since new york's smell is actually a mix of garbage, smoking cannals and hot-dog-trucks, berlin scores way better although i barely ever ride the subway here, to me, the very typical smell of berlin is the u-bahn. You pass by the u-bahns stairs and feel the breeze of this kind of rubber-smell mixed with some heavy detergents. I know it sounds strange, but this is such a Comme Des Garcons like smell - they should do a scent with that industrial note - LOL
Besides this, you can smell change and strong note of a cosmopolitan spirit.
You feel the new speed the city is getting - all artists, all the creative industry crowd, all the hipsters with their man-buns and beards around make it really feel more metropolitan and so much more attractive. 

What wants the fashionista right now in NY?
Well, obviously, first thing would be Trump to leave the country/planet immediately, but besides that, i guess they want a brand new Vetements hoodie for very day of the week and a 70% Off Sale at Chanel at least for once in a lifetime.

What musicvideo you want to style?
I would have been the proudest man on earth, if i would have directed Slow by Kylie Minogue or George Michael's Freedom , but i guess that ship has sailed...Hm, let me think... i believe i would be in heaven if i would get to do a Spice Girls revival video some day - LOL. OMG, can you believe the dose of fashion load this would have? hahaha

What was the most impressive location in Berlin?
Well, here is a surprise for all of you tourists reading this, it is not Berghain - LOL hahahaha
No, seriously, i love so many spots in the city - i love the former Jewish Girls School, the incredible row-houses in West Berlin, driving by the Eastern chick colossi in Karl Marx Allee, a tour round the Boros Bunker and all the green islands in every part of the city.

When do you "smell" a trend?
When i get my skinny ass back to Europe after a shopping week in Tokyo or Seoul and see people's eyes on me - LOL. Well, besides that, it is somehow an intuition-kind-of-thing, a thought it this particular thing can reach out to many, many of us - if you can think much about it in pictures and see the possibility for people to pick up on it, hey, it's trend. I very much like how trends today evolve from completely unknown to the industries people - it is less dogmatic and so much more liberal. Once you've seen couple of guys hashtagging a certain look, a way of dressing - bang, a trend it is! we don't necessarily need Prada or Dior to have approved it, the internet has made free people out of us :)


Who do you want to restyle: Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber?
Love Gaga - the old Gaga, the new Gaga, any Gaga; Justin somehow also is on a better way, if he keeps on wearing the Off-White and Rick Owens things his stylists recently pick up for him, but hey, Bruno Mars would be a good candidate for a make-over-thing. Although i sometimes like the crazy zebra / leo patterns he puts on, some help wont harm. 


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