La Femme Fatale

I would love to introduce you as a Femme Parisienne, with all her beauty rituals and secrets around fashion and lifestyle: Valerie Tribes @valerietribes

Since Caroline De Maigret wrote this famous book: "HOW TO BE PARISIAN WHEREVER YOU ARE", german women want to know more about french women and their Style, their laissez faire and what they think about love, fashion and traveling.

So here are 21 quick Questions to Valerie:

1. Please introduce yourself

My best friend describes me as "a cool girl, who does not take the lead, loves baskets, her animals and crazy travels." I am 45 years old, I have lived in Paris forever. I'm a trendsetter journalist. I worked in the print media and since January I have created a podcast on fashion.

2. Please describe your Style

I am not at all a fashion victim. I'm addicted to APC jeans, sneakers and cashmere sweaters. I especially like accessories: bags, belts, jewels ... My look is very simple finally ! And only in the summer, I wear shorts in place of jeans and I put on a lot of cotton dresses. And I never leave my red lipstick only red! As well as my Hermés watch, gift of my 40 years.

3. What do you consider being french about you?

My most French side? No make up and effortless. I never brush my hair!

4. Do you see a unique Style all french women inhabit?

I find that the myth of the Parisian is false. In my opinion, it's a big lie, just travel!!! The girls are fantastic everywhere. The Parisian does not have the monopoly of elegance.

5. What Films/movies are the most relevant ones for French Styles

All the films of Claude Sautet with Romy Schneider. And for me the incarnation of the Parisian actress is Isabelle Huppert.

6. and authors?

Author: Simone de Beauvoir and Françoise Sagan. Two opposing characters but two free women.

7.How does the french revolution still dominates life in Paris? Or vice versa, which times/area influenced the most french lifestyle?

For me, the period that best embodies France is the 60s and 70s with May 68 and the liberation of women (legalization of the contraceptive pill and the voluntary interruption of pregnancy)

8. How would you describe a typical french women temperament?

Typical French temperament: freedom

9. How can we all be a bit parisian/French?

You can be French if you do not care about your style!

10. What is so different an unique about french/parisan woman?

Parisian women are not unique. I find that they lack originality unlike the Londoners!

11. How do people approach you abroad as soon as they find out you are a Parisian Woman?

Abroad: "Are you from Paris ? Oh it's fantastic" !!! It's kind of fun to hear that when I dream of going to live in Italy!

12. Are you sometimes afraid being on the streets out night in Paris?

I have absolutely no fear in Paris ! When I was younger I took the last metro late at night. After that depends on the neighborhoods. I live in the 9ème district and it's very cool !

13. What are you favorite Shops?

I do not have any favorite stores. I live near the big Shop THE PRINTEMPS  so I go there often. But I am faithful to the same brands : APC, Eric Bompard, Uniqlo, Converse, Adidas

14. Cafes, Bistros and Restaurants?

I love all the cafes of the 9th I sit on the terrace and I look at the people! For restaurants, I am not a gourmet so I really do have good addresses! I always go to Pigalle!

15. What are the habits, if people are invited to dinner (what to bring as a present)

In France, we offer flowers or a bottle of wine when we are invited to dinner (if we are well brought up which is not always the case !!!!)

16. What would be a perfect weekend for you (staying in the city) and (going to the countryside)

A perfect week end? Stay in my bed and walk my dog, or go to Deauville on my favorite hotel Le Normandy.

17. What would be a typical beauty routine

My beauty routine? I am a fan of Biologique Recherche products. I wear only these products: serum, lotion, cream and I fall asleep every night with a mask on the face to moisturize my skin to the maximum!

18. How do you decide what you want to wear today?

I dress according to time. If it’s the weather is  beautiful I allow myself more fantasy !! I am very sensitive to the weather. And since I work from home, it depends on my appointments.

19. Which designer is „la belle de jour“?

The designer who makes women beautiful? Yves Saint Laurent when he was alive. Now I think that to be beautiful, it is not related to the clothes we wear but to what we have in our heads. If we're happy we'll be beautiful.

20. In what way Paris changes during Fashion week?

I hate Paris during the Fashion Week !!! It's become a kind of circus! I much preferred the fashion week before !!

21. and last but not least, you as a fashion journalists: what are the biggest trends right now and what are the ones for next season?

I think there is no longer any fashion. There are just trends! This summer, it will be floral dresses worn on pants with mules in the feet (I love it)

Illustration von Valerie by Marie Texier

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