Valentine's Day: Dating Chic

Valentine's Day is getting closer and closer but no partner in sight? No problem at all! Just grab your phone and hit the dating apps. Tabea from the SoSUE team has picked out the three most popular dating apps and calculated with which outfit you can achieve the greatest possible dating success. 


Parship is a dating platform for singles who mean business! So it's better to dress "properly" for such a date. Of course not like you're coming straight from the office, but also not "Hello, look at my boobs!". The Elie dress in black is exactly the right choice here. The flowing fabric makes it elegant, but at the same time flatters your silhouette and doesn't show too much at once. Match it with a belt around the waist, a fancy blazer and some great silver kitten heels by Prada. To round everything off perfectly, glitter tights from Falke.

SoSUE dress Elie in black
SoSUE blazer Karoline in black
Belt by isabel Marant
Kitten heels by Prada
Tights by Falke


Hinge is a little more playful. The app has fun features: How do you pronounce your name, If you were an animal, which one would it be...? So it's just right for our snappy number: flowerpower on top, pink on the bottom is the motto! The Antonia Flower blouse and Satin trousers in bright pink are a real eye-catcher and fun to wear. What more could you want for a first date? Feel free to play around with the accessories, whether it's a cool sneaker or a high heel, it's entirely up to you.

SoSUE Antonia Flower blouse
SoSUE satin trousers in pink
Bag by Gucci in white
Bag by Bottega Veneta in green
Sneaker by Autry in beige
Heels by Bottega Veneta
Flower earrings by Jennifer Behr


Everyone is probably familiar with Tinder and it's known for its short-lived stories. So if you're looking for your Valentine for just one night on the 15th, we can help you out too. Take the Antonia Embroidery blouse in white and pair it with a black Oho bra. The white fabric allows the stark contrast to shine through and gives us hope for more. Match it with a vegan leather skirt in short and black velvet boots to show off those shapely legs. How about a red lip for the perfect kissable mouth?

SoSUE Blouse Antonia Embroidery in white
SoSUE Skirt Vegan Leather Black SHORT
Bra by Arket
Platform heels by Miu Miu
Lipstick by Chanel

So whether you're looking for your Valentine via Parship, Hinge or Tinder - you're ready! Get out there and let everyone love you


SoSUE is sending you lots of love for this year's Valentine's Day, because you are our sweethearts. 


About Tabea:

Tabea is a working student at SoSUE. She supports social media work, but also helps on site in the showroom or on the blog. She is also studying International Management in Hamburg. When she's not working at SoSUE, she likes to sew or read. If you want to know more about Tabea, check out her Linkedin page!

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