Monocrome Monday- Sky Blue

The week can't start more beautifully than with Monochrome Monday. Here you can find my favourite look every Monday - tone in tone. How did we come up with it? Quite simple: On Mondays the style genes always need a bit longer to get going - in the complete look of one colour we start the week more relaxed and with a concept.

The Monochrome Monday in the new year starts with a look up to the sky: sky blue.

The sun dares to shine again after several grey weeks and this is celebrated with a sky blue outfit. Besides, I still have such a nice color on my face - of course, sky blue is very flattering. There are colors that are considered to be real pick-me-ups. This toothpaste blue, is like an ice-cold bucket of water over the body in the early morning: Extremely refreshing and absolutely stimulating.

A look "on the go" and a beautiful contrast to the greyish-pale street scene at this time of the year.

I have always loved the color blue - up and down the whole blue pantone palette. "Feeling Blue" - blue usually suits my mood. In color theory it is a symbol for longing, freedom, distance and eternity. This lines up with my current emotional state: I have hardly returned home when I want to leave again and my restless nature thinks of the next journey, of summer; of an unobstructed view of the blue sky and the unfathomable blue depths of the ocean.

"Those who prefer blue clothes strive for harmony and durability, appear reliable and balanced", at least that is what color theory claims. Light shades of blue in fashion convey lightness and youthfulness and are intended to underline our tender, dreamy soul.

I don't know if I feel this today and I don't know who always comes up with something like this? I feel rather energetic and full of energy in this monochrome sky blue. Fits much better on a Monday when the week will bring us many surprises and challenges, doesn't it?

Stay tuned - Your SoSue

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