Monocrome Monday: Cognac

The week can not start any better with Monochrome Monday. Here you will find every Monday a favorite look of mine - tone in tone. Why ? Quite simply: On Mondays, the style genes always take a little longer to get going - in the complete look of a color we start more relaxed and conceptually into the week. It greens as green as Spain's flowers bloom.


"Would you like another little cognac ?" my grandma whispered when her visitors were about to leave. So it was clear: Now it's time to get back into your seat and listen to the old stories - from the past, from the hard but also beautiful times. Her gaze was then usually completely transfigured and I wondered whether it was the sentimentality of the memory or the gold-copper shimmering cognac.

So I dedicate this Monochrome Monday Look in Cognac to my grandma and her stories. And not only because she liked to sip away a cognac, but because this color was also available in her oak wood wardrobe. "Lucia" was her favourite brand in the late 70s and I remember very well an ensemble of skirt and blazer with matching Queen Elisabeth pumps in bright cognac. "It's such a nice contrast - "Cointreau" goes with my silver-grey hair," she said then and winked at me cheerfully. She had a good sense of humour. I liked being around her and being a good listener. She had her own theory about many things. Also about colours: "If you wear grey on your head, it must glow on the bottom"...just to name a wise dressing wisdom. She also liked to wear lilac and violet - but that's a completely different story.

In any case, she always stood out from the crowd with that rusty cognac and I recognized her from far when I ran out of the school door. "Let's get out of here before the others see me with the cognac-colored grandma," I thought back then and quickly came up with an excuse why we had to hurry home. I was in that prepubescent phase where I was embarrassed by almost everything. Today I think back with emotion to those moments, how she stood there in her costume and how her colors merged so wonderfully with the ochre autumn leaves.


I don't have a costume to match the look of my grandma, but I do have a great leather bomber in cognac from Fassbender, a suit trousers from Acne, a mohair sweater (Isabel Marant) with bootees and a bag from Celine. Now we're off, looking for the last piles of leaves in late autumn and catching some warming sunrays. I think of my grandma - and that automatically brings a smile to my face. And later I might even drink a cognac and toast her in my thoughts. Salute and Stay tuned - Yours SoSue

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