Monochrome Monday- Sunflower Yellow

Today the Monochrome Monday comes in sunflower yellow. This suits the weather - because like the sunflowers, which always turn their flowers towards the sun, we too seek light, warmth and everything that makes us happy in winter. For me, this is a warm yellow that I smear on my bread, like honey in the morning, or yellow tulips that I put on my kitchen block. At this time of year I simply need real rays of hope and oases of color for my good mood. No shrill pink or grasshopper green; no – instead warm, friendly tones, like a soft rosé, a crystal clear blue or even a sunflower yellow.

In combination with other colors, this yellow is particularly bright - and just as I am dressed in yellow from head to toe today, I catch an amused glance from passers-by. I have to admit, I feel a little clumsy, like Big Bird from Sesame Street, and the yellow sweater alone with camel-colored trousers would certainly have done the same. But it is Monochrome Monday and the name says it all.

People generally have a little difficulty with yellow. There is no other color that so many people find does not suit them. But there is a warm yellow - called "Mimosa-Yellow" by the Pantone color institute – that is a real skin-flatterer. Last season the sunny tone ran through numerous catwalk collections, such as Chanel, Jil Sander, Gucci and Jacquemus, and yet little attention was paid to the color. Li Edelkort, who is considered the most important trend researcher in the fashion world, wrongly predicted the yellow phase last year. Maybe we need another solar eclipse to really miss yellow?

 In color theory, yellow stands for envy and resentment - I can't really understand that. For me, yellow is positive and full of sparkling, warm energy. Of course, if I was a football player and was constantly shown the yellow card, we might not be friends anymore. I would never wear yellow, even in combination with black - not because I am not a Borussia Dortmund fan, but it would simply be too contrasting for me in the station wagon. I was probably thinking more of Emma Stone in the film "La La Land", who made an unforgettable impression on me with a mimosa yellow dress, or of Big Bird from Sesame Street - no matter, yellow has a permanent place in my clothing archive.


Stay tunes,

yours Sue


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