Monochrome Monday: Pink

Inspired by the grey weather today and my neon pink azaleas on the terrace, I was in the mood for luminous colors. Now my cupboard is not exactly full of screech colors - but in keeping with the times, improvisation is the order of the day. I shot the pants from the current collection of Jaquemus before Corona and I've had the neon-pink swimsuit from Vetements for ages. If bralettes are in this summer (under a blazer), swimsuits will be even more so! Not every adult woman has a washboard stomach like J-Lo. I certainly don't. The pumps from Balenciaga are not quite as phosphorescent - but they match the outfit. Now get out on the street and compete with the flowers.

Some passers-by in front of my door (still without mouthguards) literally have their jaws down, others seem to be in a good mood with my beaming ensemble and we smile at each other.
Neon colors are the mega-trend of the upcoming summer and just when there is a little bit of dreariness in the mind, shrill luminous colors are a kind of wake-up call for good mood. Originally the neon trend comes from the 80s: During the new German wave we wore neon accessories and also in the techno scene the fluorescent colors have established themselves.

Then they disappeared from the scene for a long time until Kim Kardashian was mocked in an all-over neon dress last year - and what Kim wears becomes (with a little delay) a trend. Now, neon colors are not necessarily known to make the skin glow, and it's important that light skin types stick better to cool neon colors such as green or yellow. Darker skin types are allowed to wear the full range of neon colors; however, neon orange and pink are most beautiful for this skin type.

If you don't want to stand out as much during the day as I do in my azalea outfit, combine only some of them to create bright neutral tones. If you like contrasts, combine it with black. This is also a power look for the office.

Parties and neon go together like lemon and tequila. Because the new neon is cool and minimalist. Especially as a suit with wide pants, the fluorescent color is not only for party-happy teens and twenty. I love my wide pants in neon pink and I'm thinking about buying the blazer to go with it? Somehow we need at least one great outfit that distracts from the masks and makes us feel good, right?

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