Monochrome Monday: Off White

Who does not love them - the colors that go with everything? Neutral tones are my new styles "To Go". I just love everything that's off-white. No, not the label of Virgil Abloh, but a tinted white that turns beige into a radiant creamy white with a nuance, like the milk foam on my oat latte. 

There's no question about it: a bright white is always beautiful and fresh - but an off-white is a touch more gracious to my skin tone and just feels warmer right now, on cold spring days. This color blends wonderfully with all natural tones and neutrals because it blends in more gently than a bright, clear white. Mixing off-white tones with each other is a challenge because there are so many different shades that it doesn't always fit. When choosing my styles with the SoSUE Antonia sweatshirt, I also didn't immediately find the bottom part that matched the color and had to pay very close attention to the color shading in daylight.  

It is similar with white wall paint: I remember when I philosophised for ages with my ex-husband about the white tone of our walls; he wanted a cold tone - I wanted a warm tone. I found an off-white for the high walls of our old apartment simply more suitable. I was also pregnant with our 3rd child and wanted it to be cosy and friendly.

Foto: @privilege_conciergerie

Especially in old buildings broken white goes very well with aged skirting boards and stucco or historical elements. Also the new shell vases or faces are beautiful living accessories in broken white. I love this tone and with a light shot of longing I think back to my Living Divani sofa. That's why I also want our showroom to be bright and friendly - with lots of off-white and pastel tones.



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