Monochrome Monday: Green

The week can not start any better with Monochrome Monday. Here you will find every Monday a favorite look of mine - tone in tone. Why ? Quite simply: On Mondays, the style genes always take a little longer to get going - in the complete look of a color we start more relaxed and conceptually into the week. It greens as green as Spain's flowers bloom.

Today I look hopefully into the week. A fresh, radiant grass green goes well with it. Of course it is also a little squeaky and quirky and basically I find green on red-haired women the most beautiful. But I also like green and the fresh and positive vibes that emanate from this color.

Generally, we should all be thinking more green (and maybe wearing it, too). Climate change is fuelling many of my fears. I want to change something and float between activism, lethargy and powerlessness. It is sometimes difficult to get out of the comfort zone and consciously change things if you don't feel the pressure of suffering on your own body. Intellectually, we know what is happening right now and yet the (green) hope remains that everything will be all right, that the world will regenerate itself or that a clever scientist will come up with something to stop climate change. Until then we simply eat less meat, separate our garbage, leave the car at home more often and demonize plastic.

I’m inspired by the greenery, not only the tree in front of my door inspired me, but also the Valentino show for the summer of 2020. Probably the most beautiful white dresses walked down the catwalk in Paris between grass green stools. Pierpaolo Piccioli, this collection is all about playing with contours and volume based on the idea of a "white blouse"! With dresses in fluorescent green he sets strong contrasts. We all need contrasts - a strongly eye-catching contrast. That makes life exciting and colorful, like a bag of Smarties. Color contrasts are fundamental to physiological perception. The process of seeing is based on the separation of the sorting of light information. The eye has a contrast-enhancing effect and the mastery of contrasts is part of an artist's equipment.

I use contrasting colors because I want to shake myself up - from the lethargy of the natural tones that otherwise determine my daily outfit. Grass and bottle green have always been hopeful and very dressing companions in my wardrobe and remind me how rich in contrast and facets life can be.

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