Monochrome Monday: Black

How did we come up with it? Quite simple: Mondays the style genes always need a bit longer to get going - in the complete look of one colour we start the week more relaxed and with a concept.

Black is beautiful? The power and meaning of the color black are more contrasting than with any other color. From elegance to threat, from self-confidence to fear - the spectrum is broad. Maybe that's why black is the favourite colour for many people?

Black is the perfect color for Coco Chanel, who designed "little black dress" in 1926, making black fashionable. For me, black is the absence of a color sensation. But in a complete outfit I feel like I am under a protective layer. The eye is not irritated. No distraction, just homogeneous and harmonious. That´s how it must be sometimes.

People who love to travel a lot can go with black because everything can be easily combined with it. That is of course a convincing argument - especially for fashion editors who complete one fashion week after the other. There's simply no time to pick out outfits for each city that are brilliantly matched in color.

Smoking Jacket: Isabel Marant, Sneaker: Converse, Skirt and Sweater: SoSue, Jewellery: Marjana von Berlepsch

At SoSue, we love black because it's what our followers want.  We voted about it in the stories and are happy that we can react according to your wishes: In the new collection we have black trousers, a skirt and a sweater.


As well our Antonia blouse ia avilable in black.  My favorite part is Rock Ruby. It throws such beautiful wrinkles in front (that's what's wanted)and is tight and sexy in the right places. It also brings the necessary sportiness to sneakers. The tuxedo jacket may be a bit too much for the day. But why not be more courageous? Black with black - everything works.

That was Monochrome Monday - next week I slip into blue.

Your SoSUE - Stay Tuned

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