The Hamptons Style- All in white

One year ago, I came across the house_of_fashionliving account at Instagram and was immediately excited about her style. Everything in white! With her photos I immediately had the feeling to sit somewhere in the Hamptons in a beach house.

I asked myself, how do you get to decorate your apartment completely in white and how difficult that might be? After all, you have to do without every splash of colour and can only orientate yourself on this one colour.

So I visited sweet Michiko in her apartment in Eppendorf/ Hamburg and asked her a few questions about "White Living".

How did you come to furnish yourself entirely in white?

Rivièra Maison got me on my way. At that time they didn't exist in Hamburg. My mother said that there is a really great shop in Westerland on the isalns Sylt. During our next visit to Sylt I was immediately so fascinated by the style. When Rivièra Maison opened up here in Hamburg, the first white sofa was bought and my passion began.

But the love for white has always been a part of my life. I got that from my mother.

Where do you prefer to go shopping?

Of course, I prefer Rivièra Maison and Zara Home. Quite great! But I also love small shops like Strauss, Butlers or Nanu Nana. Actually all deco shops, even these little ones... I think the mixture makes the difference.

I just refuse to go to a shop. In my opinion this is exactly the crux of the story. If you have taste, you can decorate a cheap decorative apple or put it in the limelight so that it looks like 200 €. And that's exactly what I enjoy most about decorating. To go on a quest and find things to combine with each other. It's exactly the same in fashion.

What happens if you see something while shopping that you find incredibly beautiful, but it is not white! What do you do?

Of course that is difficult sometimes. In summer I often start with turquoise / blue and sometimes pink. Because these are colours that fit well in summer, but can also be combined with the white furnishing style. No other colours. 

I also only buy white flowers. I've been waiting the whole time until I can finally buy white lilies again :-) Sometimes you have to wait, but it would bother me if there was a yellow bouquet somewhere. I am sensitive as if there were a stain on my sweater.

Dear Michiko, let's be honest. That's a little tick too, isn't it?

I wouldn't say small. It is already extreme! :)

How long did it take for your apartment to be coordinated to the last detail?

I've always been able to work together in my head like the decorative items or furniture, so it wasn't such a tedious process. I rarely have mispurchases. You have to say, of course, that I've always been more into the light tones. In the end, it's always the nuances that make the overall impression perfect.

Your dog is also white. Intention or coincidence? :)

My mother and I always wanted a small, white dog and then we rescued Louis from Cyprus through an organization. But yes, it should already be a white dog "laugh".

Louis fühlt sich in der weißen Wohnwelt sichtbar wohl 

What is your favorite item in your apartment?

My absolute highlight where I get crazy is any part of coral. I waited a long time until the trend arrived in Germany. And then two years ago Zara home started with coral. Then I came home almost every day with a new item.

Especially I love my lamp from Butlers. It was before without "inner life" and then I simply filled sand and smashed corals so I can put them there. Sometimes it has to be DIY!

Die Liebe zur Koralle ist definitiv erkennbar! Links ist übrigens die DIY-Lampe von Butlers.

What would you say to someone who would like to start to furnish in white?

I would say: I will help you! :) No, of course it's a bit of an art to furnish yourself white. There are so many different shades of white and they don't always fit together. Of course you really have to stand behind it and be in love with details.

Thank you dear Michiko! It was wonderful with you and despite the white furnishings incredibly warm and cosy. I would move in immediately!

Einen kleinen Farbklecks gab es nach unserem Interview dann doch ;)




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