Recipe of the month: Green love from Marrakech

This month I would like to send you two recipes directly from Marrakech. The city has already conquered my heart long years ago. The people, the laughter and haggling, the colorful souks, the incomparable craftsmanship and last but not least the delicacies of the cuisine always cast a spell over me. For years I have been allowed to hold my cooking workshops there. There I live with my group in a charming riad in the middle of the medina.

In the streets the merchants who offer the freshest fruits and vegetables. April is high season there for avocados. Freshly harvested and of a creaminess for which I would have to search long in Germany. The unsaturated fatty acids, the contained vitamin E and A are one more reason why avocados are true health boosters!

April recipe
Green Love from Marrakech 
1 toast or pita bread

1 avocado

1 hard boiled eggfresh

goat cheese

salt, pepper

Toast pita bread and spread with fresh goat cheese. Slice avocado and place on bread. Grate the egg over it with a grater. Drizzle with a little olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. 


200ml brewed vervain tea cooled down
1 soft avocado
4 dates without stone

Place all ingredients in a tall container and blend with a blender until fine (or blend in a high-powered blender until smooth).


About the author:

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Bettina and I have been cooking with passion ever since I can remember. Originally I studied architecture and worked for many years as an architectural photographer. I am 55, have raised 4 children and live in Munich with my husband, dog and youngest child. I am also a grandma.
Last year I completed a one-year training as a nutritionist and as a mindfulness coach. Healthy food and a happy soul are the basis for a healthy life, so I try to translate all my knowledge into healthy and delicious dishes.

I have been organizing cooking trips to Marrakech for a few years now. Unfortunately, Corona is throwing a wrench in the works at the moment.

From now on I may suggest you a recipe every month. Mainly vegetarian and always seasonal. It should be quick and delicious. Promise!

Feel free to check out Bettina on Instagram: @besch_food





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