Yeah, I'm a beauty junkie! By Ala Zander

Yeah, I'm a beauty junkie! With skin and hair and totally obsessed with Skincare & Co. Now, of course, the question arises whether I became that through my job, after all, I consult with my communications agency the Who-is-Who of the international anti-aging scene.

The truth is that even as a little girl I was crazy about cosmetic products, my first favourite brand was Nivea, with which I creamed myself regularly from head to toe, hair included, even as a 10-year-old, because they grew better from it, as I explained to my mother old-wise (and obviously it didn't hurt).
Apropos mother: the truth is that I think she has influenced me the most when it comes to beauty. Whenever I crawled into bed with her in the evening, she would just smear some overnight serum or a caviar ampoule in her face. As a teenager I secretly emptied her cream jars (which of course led to pretty bad skin irritations) and a favorite hobby was reading cosmetic leaflets. Today my main occupation is the beauty industry and the companies I work with, I have for years selected neatly from the mass of brands that are now on the market.

New products land on my desk almost every day: revolutionary new products from my own business partners as well as unsolicited test samples from all over the world.
My skin and I are constantly testing something new, which means that in addition to my tried-and-tested, long-lasting burners in my bathroom, I have a lot of material that lands on my face every day. When I am asked why my skin is so radiant, it is complex - and cannot be answered in a single sentence.

For SO SUE I make an exception today and reveal my very precise beauty guide, whose main focus is clearly on peeling and moisture.
But first I clean and thoroughly. I do this with the award-winning, purely organic micelle water of my Baltic beauty customer Madara from Riga. The skin is then "polished" with the "alpha beta" peeling pads from New York dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross, an absolute must for anyone who likes Glow.


Another real beauty secret is the "P50 Lotion" of the Paris cult brand Biologique Recherche, whose 50 secret ingredients ensure an insanely clear and fresh skin appearance. Since a few weeks I am in a very special test phase: my Spanish high-tech customer Sepai has developed a concept care, which is tailored to my DNA, i.e. it was explicitly adapted to my skin condition after a saliva sample. First the serum is applied, then a moisturizer - Sepai also has both for normal mortals in its range, which I consider to be one of the most revolutionary. At the end of this morning routine I dab on the eye cream of Julisis from L.A. and the happy Glow is ready.

If I have a little more time, I make as often as possible a moisturizing mask, because hydration is the key. The fleece mask by Verso from Sweden is just as indispensable as the wonderful blue algae mask by Dr. Gross, which has been available since this year and which actually makes you look a few years younger.

What else do I do?
Always have a hyaluronic serum at hand, for example. My favourite is Apotcare from Paris. At the desk, in the plane and whenever I was in the sun, I quench the permanent thirst of my skin so that it stays firm.

Oh yes: since I am over 40, I use an extra care for the neck, which should not be more shrinking than my face at some point. The Organic Pharmacy from London launched a star product this year that takes care of it, including the neckline.

In the evening the procedure is almost the same, but my peeling pad by Dr. Gross is soaked with vitamin A, one of the most important anti-aging agents (discovered in 1913) and indispensable for vital skin. In the evening I also use a face oil every now and then for the particularly intensive regeneration during sleep, I have two favourites: the "Antioxidant Face Oil" from Grown Alchemist from Australia and if I have drunk alcohol there's "The Detox Oil" from Deage, Skincare made in Bavaria by the Way.


I hope this was enough information :-) me and my skin not only have fun but also look happy.
And if you follow me Instagram @travala, you'll always stay tuned about my beauty secrets.

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