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I am skincare addicted.

Even as a little girl, I was totally addicted to smearing myself with body cream from head to toe before going to bed (my favorite brand was Nivea, of course) or secretly grabbing my mother's expensive Estée Lauder or Rubinstein jars in my parents' bathroom.

When I founded my own consulting agency 15 years ago to successfully position lifestyle brands from all over the world in the German-speaking market, I quickly specialised in the booming beauty market alongside fashion and jewellery - which became the best decision of my career.

On the one hand, this quickly turned my small company into a very successful company with international luxury brands - and on the other hand, I have been receiving new and exciting care products for testing almost every day for many years.

My 44-year-old skin is correspondingly super and my expertise is correspondingly great.

When I recently received a beauty novelty called "Selfie" from one of my dearest luxury customers, I started to deal for the first time with skincare and cosmetic products that are particularly well suited to actually look better on Selfies.

Because besides apps, with which girls (and more and more boys) put so many filters over their faces nowadays that they are unfortunately no longer recognizable at all on Tinder-Date, you can also optimize a lot with the right care tricks and tools.

Recently I read that the number of nose operations for young women has increased massively. Why? Because in a self-portrait with a mobile phone camera, the nose standing furthest out of the face appears proportionally larger than it actually is...

But before I resort to such drastic means, I'd rather test a few innovative beauty secrets and read for myself what's crazy about them:

1) Of course the brand new eye care "Selfie" from my Spanish skincare client SEPAI in Barcelona: Company founder Paola looks like she's in her mid-20s at mid 40 and is probably the best proof of the effectiveness of her molecular anti-aging formulations. "Selfie" is a skin-rejuvenating emulsion for the particularly delicate eye area, the upholstering effect of which is indeed apparent after just a few weeks. Not after weeks but immediately, however, a sensationally concealing effect sets in, because iridescent particles in the "Selfie" act on photos like a soft focus and eye shadows and small wrinkles are immediately disappeared. I like!


2. Of course, this is not meant to be self-advertising, but honor to whom honor is due: SEPAI has a second star product in its range and aptly named it "Paparazzi". It is supposed to protect one (celebrity) from virtually unplanned snapshots that later ghost around in Gossip magazines or on the Internet and show the unvarnished truth. "Paparazzi" is a complexion-optimizing moisturizer for the whole face, whose light-reflecting pigments also achieve an immediate smoothing effect and additionally conjure up a hammer glow on the photo.

3. by the way, Barcelona is also home of the young, creative fragrance brand 2787, which with its perfume "#hashtag", developed 3 years ago, clearly had the blogging next generation in its sights. #hashtag" combines classic ingredients with aldehydes normally found in fabric softeners - not in traditional perfumery. They give the fragrance its metallic, édigital touch and give it a peculiarity that is totally contemporary.

4. If a beauty product is called "Skin to die for", it is quite tempting. That's why I ordered the hyped primer of the New York Skincare pioneer PETER THOMAS ROTH immediately, as soon as it was available in Germany. The powerful matting effect absorbs excess gloss, while astringent active ingredients minimize pore size - both are indispensable for a radiant super photo.

5. I have worked for a long time with the London beauty brand RODIAL and am now a good friend of the owner Maria Hatzistefanis. Maria is now a star herself with over 1 million followers on Instagram (@mrsrodial) and if she knows one thing, it's how to look damn beautiful on pictures. She was so clever years ago to name one of her makeup lines "Instaglam" and her "Instaglam Compact Deluxe Banana Powder" is an absolute must-have for every social media girl. The versatile yellow shade of the handy compact powder adapts perfectly to every skin colour, conceals redness and dark circles under the eyes and at the same time reduces annoying oil shine (otherwise I like to shine on photos like freshly rubbed with a bacon rind).

Of course I asked Maria, who has just published a bestseller about her rapid beauty career ("How to be an overnight success"), for her very personal advice and of course she's now offering it exclusively here:

"I apply the RODIAL diamond concealer first and then set with the banana powder, it gives me a nice bounce back of light that makes me look very bright eyed and selfie-ready!"

And I swear, I already had the Banana Powder in my own itlist before:-)

6. During my research for this report I came across a powder where not only the name itself but also the brand behind it is definitely the program: the "Perfect Selfie HD Photo Finishing Powder" by WUNDER 2. Never heard of, but even as a full professional you can still discover new exciting things. #neverstopexploring

To be honest, the test product hasn't arrived yet, which is why I can't write a serious recession about it here - but I'm happy if someone knows him or maybe buys him now - and then tells me if he can do anything:-)


7. A primer for eyelashes? Really ? I couldn't believe it, but it's true: with the "Photo Finish Lash Primer" from SMASHBOX the mascara sits much better, doesn't crumble and prevents the nasty "panda effect" when the mascara causes unwanted dark circles around the eyes (which nobody tells you basically). On photos this very special primer even perfects the swing and makes fuller eyelashes - and I really don't know anyone who doesn't want that.


8. and again something for the eye (at least the part of the face that reveals our age most clearly): the Los Angeles-based beauty doctor DR. LANCER knows what celebrities want, namely the ultimate concealer. His secret weapon, also beloved by makeup artists, is called "Studio Light", which works like a Photoshop retouch with soft-focus filter pigments and covers the appearance of lines, wrinkles and bumps quite efficiently. As a celebrity you don't even have to empty your mailbox without make-up - but you can dare to do that, you immediately look like you've just got your photo done.

9.I had never heard of my latest discovery before: NIOD stands for "Non Invasive Options in Dermal Science" and is a young Canadian skincare brand. Look here...

I have tested the "Photography Fluid" and am totally enthusiastic. The super-light consistency absorbs crazy fast and immediately reduces unevenness and even pigment spots by means of light-reflecting particles. But the coolest thing is that you can simply mix the product with others and create your own personal social media skin wonder from any foundation, cream or even sun cream.

I hope very much, some of my Beauty Secrets here prevent the one or the other surgical intervention:-)

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