Beauty Queen Ala about her favourite hair care products

I've been "the one with the hair" ever since I can remember.
As a young girl I was very unhappy about it, because instead of silky hair blowing in the wind I had a terribly strawy frizz. When I was 14 on holiday in Sardinia, I was madly in love with a 17-year-old boy on a motorbike. On the courageous question whether I could ride with him, he says "buy yourself rather a brush".
I was saddened to death for months and it took a few more years until I finally came to terms with my confused mane. A virtue became a necessity, because completely unplanned my hair, which I always carry up for the sake of simplicity, became my trademark.
I have a lot of hair. A lot of dry hair, which will never blow in the wind, but always stays in place - because even if I take out the needles or the hair tie, everything stays in good shape:-)
My hair fades enormously in the sun, becomes white and even drier. That's why I also know a lot about hair care - even if my hairstyle doesn't always look like it.

Autorin Ala Zander und ihre "Markenzeichen-Frisur"

A classic care cure, which you leave on for a longer time after shampooing, is a great thing, but is usually much too time-consuming for me. For all those who are constantly in a hurry like me, the innovative #yourhairwillloveit brand IKOO from Munich has developed something really practical: the "Thermal Treatment Wrap", which only seems a bit like a diaper, contains a hair care formula that warms up as soon as you put this "diaper" over your head after washing easy. You can walk around, work, read at home with it - and if you rinse it out 20-30 minutes later, the silky result is really overwhelming. I almost think for a few hours even my hair could blow silky in the wind...

In my opinion, IKOO also offers the best heat protection for blow-drying and styling, the "Style Assistant Spray" prevents the hair from drying out even more and losing its shine.

However, I try to make sure that the shampoo is very caring and as detangling as possible. I already had shampoos that turned the hair into a single felty knot, which can take hours until it's under control again. My favourite shampoo? PHILIP B from Los Angeles - where he just opened a new celebrity hairdresser's shop - offers a special line for every hair texture. The "White Truffle Ultra-Rich Moisturizing Shampoo" unravels the hair during washing and even if I don't use a conditioner afterwards, it's much easier to comb.

Another must from his range is the "Weightless Conditioning Water", an intensive moisturising spray which, like a "leave-in" conditioner, provides additional care and makes the colour shine particularly well.


Dry hair - whether natural or from too much dyeing - needs moisture to become smooth and supple again. I like the fact that they are now often available as sprays, which are sprayed onto washed hair at the very end as the last step, and the application is quick and efficient.
My favourite spray? Definitely "Un.Tangled" by KEVIN MURPHY from Australia.

The hip Figaro from Down Under has developed a fabulously professional product line, also a shampoo called "Angel.Wash" is of course in my bathroom (as not with this name).




















I still have one hairy favourite brand: MICHAEL VON CLARKE, celebrity hairdresser with sinfully expensive hair salons in London, makes pretty wacky products and I wouldn't want to do without two of them anymore: the "Magic Oil" magically repairs broken hair tips and split ends and the "Cashmere Protein UV Protective Conditioner" is never missing on my beach holidays, because our hair needs sun protection, yes.

ll products here are by the way suitable for all hair, which is excessively stubborn and shaggy, often unfortunately also the result of too many color experiments or styling.
Have fun testing, I think I'll put my IKOO diaper on again today:-)

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