Wishes 2021: Part 1 - Sue

2021 is just around the corner. We asked a few friends and the SoSUE team what they would like to see in the new year. Today, SoSUE Greener Sue tells us what she would be excited about.

2020 has been very challenging for all of us in every way and now at the end of the year I feel a great exhaustion and tiredness. For a long time I've been thinking about what to wish for - there is so much that needs to change, it's hard for me to see the forest for the trees.

Perhaps contemplating what I'm missing will help me get to my deepest desires. I miss sensuality right now: a beautiful concert that transports me to other worlds, a painting that speaks to me, or a visit to my favorite Italian restaurant when he pulls the cork out of the wine bottle while singing and laughing. I miss daydreaming and silliness, spontaneously packing my suitcase and just being away - on the water and watching the sun sink into the sea. I miss the hugs of my friends and the lightheartedness of being together. Always just functioning, being considerate, careful and consistent is taking a lot out of me right now and I wish I had a big filling station for energy and warmth of heart. A large portion of mindfulness, attention and appreciation would also be on my absolute top 5 wish list. But better to start small and always with yourself:

That's why I decided to join a guided meditation during the Rauhnächten. In the time between the years, gates open to other worlds and offer the opportunity to pause, seek silence and just listen. How the animals and nature retreat and hibernate - at least for a few days. I used to be able to do the same - to reduce my life more deeply and sustainably to the most necessary functions and take real time off. Without the travel, the movement, I find it much harder to "come to rest". With the Rauhnächte I would like to create space for it again - for what may come and what "I really want".

To the Rauhnächte count whole 12 nights between 24 December and 6 January. Each day stands for a month of the coming year. 12 nights and days that I take time for inner reflection, letting go and future wishes. I am not a particularly spiritual person, but I hope for many beautiful insights in this threshold time from the old to the new year. Already now I celebrate the new age of Aquarius and what it promises us: More lightness, creativity and strengthening of the matriarchy. These are already great conditions "when the moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide this planet..."

Sue is the founder of SoSUE and is the face and creative mind behind the brand. As a mother of three, she is constantly juggling her tasks to get everything under control, proving that career and family can be very well combined. With her lively manner, she constantly makes the whole team laugh and infects everyone with her good mood.

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