Tip: How to properly network

Connecting the right way: Kasia Mol-Wolf started her own publishing company, EMOTION Verlag, twelve years ago - and has since learned a thing or two about networking. Here are her three most important tips.

These are her three most important tips for getting started:

Tip 1: Think about what your goals are and how networks can help you achieve them. Are you specifically looking for a job? Are you looking for a business partner? Do you want to develop yourself or mainly build a large network of contacts? These questions are critical to networking effectively.



 Kasia Mol-Wolf is Founder & Editorial Director of EMOTION and knows what networking is all about.


Tip 2: Once you are clear about your own goals, the next step is to consider which network can help you achieve them. For example, if you work in a male-dominated industry or company, it may make sense to join a women's network. Or maybe you're specifically looking to connect with other moms or women in top positions? Regardless of whether you are in a top or very diverse target group - there is a suitable network for almost everyone.

Tip 3: Include your private situation as well. There are networks that require a certain presence or in which members pay a very high annual fee. To ensure that no one is disappointed in the end, it makes sense to compare the network's expectations of its members with your own ideas and time constraints beforehand. As a mother of two, for example, I find it difficult to keep several professional evening appointments during the week. Networks that require this are therefore out of the question for me.





Our SoSUE tip: Use the EMOTION Women's Days to make new contacts

EMOTION Women's Days will take place for the third time this year, this year as a hybrid event with the possibility to experience a great day at the Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg on September 13 or watch the stream from home.

Be sure to be quick: on-site tickets are almost gone. And there you have additional program of four exclusive masterclasses and a great goody bag.

On September 14, it continues as a digital conference with over 20 hours of programming that you can watch later. You are free to put together your own program - all masterclasses on September 14 are open to you. By the way, Sue will also be there that day, discussing the topic of "founding" with other female entrepreneurs.

Why you should be there? Because we can offer you an incredible 15% discount: Just use the code ewd_sosue.

And you feel like it? You can register for the EMOTION Women's Days here.




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