How my passion for fashion started - SoSUE Collection

Some things are put into the cradle, with me it was probably my affinity to clothes. And although I was a Tomboy when I was a child, with short hair and a beloved light brown corduroy overall, I loved my Barbies, rather the dressing for these long-legged, stiff dolls. Later, during the Monchichis period, I wasn't very talented in craftsmanship (I'm too impatient for that), but I was able to give my grandma very precise instructions as to which outfit I wanted for which monkey. I created - she sewed!

That went on for a long time - but with Norwegian or other extravagant knitwear. Now no longer for the monkeys - but for me. I willingly took over her housework so that she could only turn back to knitting or crocheting. It should be mentioned that if I wanted something, I could do anything for it. Now Wolfsburg is not the fashionable navel of the world, but I brought it into my house through films. A dress like Audrey Hepburn's in Breakfast at Tiffany's? No problem. An old curtain was quickly misappropriated and draped around my shoulders.

Fashion, the feeling of textures, materials, cuts and colours have always been part of my life. For a long time I didn't dare to make it my profession, but you should do what is easy, seems effortless and doesn't feel like work! And sometimes it also needs detours to come to this realization. The work at Closed and Linette brought me very close to my great passion again. Fabrics, design, showrooms, countless collections, feeling, trying on, advising and looking at. Dealing with trends, currents, vibes and a lot of Second Hand; all this came together and comes together in the sum - it fit into each other like a cogwheel and matured in me the desire to create something of my own.

I love sweaters and when one employee once said to me, "When I think of you, I always see you with an oversize turtleneck with your hair in it, as if you are wearing an Anna Wintour Bob" Perhaps I remembered these words when I created my first small knitwear collection, because I do indeed love soft wool and sweaters. They were supposed to be simple, not to stand out through patterns or print, to draw all attention to the wearer. And: of course there had to be a turtleneck, oversize and in beautiful colours! Red is a power colour and was already in the air as the trend colour 2016. Dark blue and grey are law if you are a real northern light. I wanted it to be shorter at the front than at the back, probably because the trousers are higher in the waistband again, but maybe simply because there is this beautiful silhouette from the side. Casual but not tent-like, my assignment was to myself and in any case the dream object had to fit under a wide coat, so no arm too wide. My Italian knitter loves to make short sleeves and it took a lot of convincing to trim the arm length to Central European. The cuff should have the charm of something selfknitted and in the mix I wanted cashmere with merino so he wouldn't pill. It's exciting to create something, to see how an idea becomes something concrete to slip into and looks exactly like in the imagination. But the most beautiful thing is to see other women shine their eyes when touching and wearing the sweater; how someone falls a little bit in love and you know that it might be THE favourite sweater of the future! A place to live and spend the winter. The most beautiful compliment came from my daughter, who had been living in the very first sample parts for months. To see how much she loves the sweaters, how proudly she wears them every day and how the quality is confirmed, made me very confident.

Everything I want to create in the future, whether an ultra-light, fluffy sweatshirt or the ultimate 3 dresses that every woman should have in her closet, is due to the truth that it only makes a woman more beautiful if she really feels comfortable. That a sweater, a sweater or a dress can be a shield or a friendly assistant for self esteem or just to get through a challenging day more easily. Fashion isn't just surface - it's much more than that if you manage to fill it with life.

In dealing with it, I can sink into it; indulge in cut, form and texture and then forget about time and space.

Grauer Rundhalspullover SoSUE / Culotte Kittima

Roter Rundhalspullover SoSUE / Jogging Kittima



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