Merkel years -part 1

Can we still imagine a Germany without Angela Merkel? No politician has shaped the country like she has. After a 16-year term in office, the German chancellor is stepping down. SoSUE asked guest authors if they would like to write a few lines about her. In Part 1 of our series, Stephanie Hielscher writes about her Merkel years.

By Stephanie Hielscher

When Angela Merkel became chancellor, I was just starting to find my feet in Berlin and in my life. Being accompanied politically by the first female chancellor at that time felt good, because I also wanted to achieve something and the election of the first woman to power gave me a push and a sense of self at the beginning of my professional life for which I am grateful. Along the way, though, I kept running into hurdles that I wouldn't have encountered as a man.

I would have liked Angela Merkel's focus to have also been on strengthening women's rights in the many areas where men are still more privileged. For the next generation. I, for example, had obstacles put in my way in my job from the time I became pregnant. I didn't manage to get back into the workforce. I have always created my own jobs since I became a mother. But not everyone has this privilege.

After 16 years of being a mom, maybe we are a bit precocious, but jumping into the deep end is inevitable.

Thank you, Mutti, for paving the way for us and doing a lot for the recognition of women in politics. And now it's up to my sister Annalena. Now it's up to the daughters' generation to take the right path. We have new issues, a new focus. We want more for women, more for all people, we want more social justice. We want a healthy future for us as people and for our world. You go, girl!



Stephanie Hielscher studied cultural studies with a focus on documentary film at the HU Berlin. Afterwards she completed her traineeship at MTV. She works as a freelance director and writer for various stations such as KiKa, Nickelodeon, MTV, Sat1/Pro7 and RBB. Her focus is on documentaries and children's television. She also hosts and produces the podcast Fünf zu Eins for Mit Vergnügen.

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