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What we wear (or especially Sue wears) we tell you every day on social channels. But what ends up in our shopping cart when it's not just fashion? In our new category "Shopping List" we tell you:


Knuth: My purchase of the month is Holy Shhht!

Anyone who eavesdrops on people in a restaurant will quickly discover that conversations often revolve around food and, more importantly, digestion. Between appetizers and espresso, people talk about how often, how often not, and what the consistency was like. Rarely is the talk about the smell that still lingers after we've already sent our greeting to the waterworks. Let's face it, it's an embarrassment. No one really knows what the good Lord was thinking. What are we not doing to mislead our noses and other noses: We flush several times in the hope of clearing the air with it, or we use toilet sprays, which in my opinion only make things worse. Relieved I found out that there is an idea from Austria, there a resourceful inventor has found a solution. With "holy shhht!" we leave only air and no scent on the toilet. Before the session, put a few drops of vegetable oils in the bowl and there is no more smell. Holy Shhht I discovered at my favorite Austrian Herzgrün in Hamburg, but you can also order it directly from Holy Shhht.


Eva: My purchase of the month is the Kräuter-Molkebad by Susanne Kaufmann

Usually August is too warm for me to take a bath, but all the rainy days this month have driven me back indoors - onto the sofa and into the tub. The herbal whey bath exudes an incredibly soothing scent of lime blossom and chamomile and turns any bathroom into a private spa. In addition, the whey has a detoxifying effect and balances the pH of the skin - is wonderfully restorative for tired muscles after exercise. 


Liesa: My purchase of the month of the month is the "Care"-Trio von rèduze

Minimal design for the shower. The Care pump bottle exudes a touch of hotel feeling and is suitable for all liquid care products. Sustainability means above all to reuse and care for things instead of replacing them and buying new. Since the bottle is made of glass, you can refill it safely and it is 100% recyclable. That's the thinking behind our glass bottles and stainless steel pump dispenser attachments. You can choose the Care wall mount for drilling or gluing. 


Joana: My purchase of the month is the Steamer by Nbe

Ironing in general has never been my thing. I just don't manage to get everything nice and smooth at the end and there's not a wrinkle to be seen anywhere. Unless I take a lot of time, which I usually don't have. In addition, I have destroyed many a blouse because I had the hot iron on one spot for too long.  Since working at SoSUE, I have rekindled my love for steamers. A steamer gets hot in no time so you can use it. Then it doesn't take much practice or skill and you can steam your clothes smooth in no time - without the risk of ruining your garment. Especially when traveling, such a steamer is worth its weight in gold. That's why I ordered a hand steamer on Amazon this month, which I can now always have with me. Because even if I fold my blouses so neatly in my suitcase, they are always creased at the destination. With my new hand steamer I can now easily solve this problem - an absolute asset!  


Vanessa: My purchase of the month is the Maria Nila Colour Refresh Maske

NO Yellow- Pearl Silver contains violet color pigments that neutralize yellow and golden hair tones. So it creates a cool shade of blonde without making the hair look pale or lackluster. For my hair, I use 4-5 pumps and leave the hair mask on for 30 min. Then rinse with cold water. The result is well-groomed hair, shiny, beautiful and with cool color shimmer.


Sue: My purchase of the month is the Mavemade Duftkerze "Schein"

Scented candle 'SCHEIN' smells of orange and lemon. The aroma is reminiscent of summer and the unique Summerglow. Like MAVEMADE perfumes, the scented candles are very special - even more special when not just one, but two or three of the candles burn at the same time. How do you think a SCHEINHEILIG or SCHÖNHEILIGSCHEIN smells? 


Want more shopping tips? Next month it continues; Let's see what has landed in our shopping cart then!

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