Forecast 2020 - Yasmin

1. I am looking forward to this book/film/series next year:

"Bloodmoon" and "To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

oh difficult... I can't decide. As a real serial junkie I'm looking forward to some series and movies. But I'm especially excited about the prequel of "Game of Thrones" called "Bloodmoon" with Naomi Watts. It's also about the history of Westertos, but 5000 years before the Game of Thrones. Let's see if this series can captivate me as much as Game of Thrones did.

Also in 2020, Netflix will launch the sequel to a really cute film adaptation of the New York Times bestseller " To All the Boys I've Loved Before": "To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You". Attention: It´s an absolute girl movie! Even though the main characters are teenagers, the film is so wonderfully fresh and heartwarming - ideal for a Sunday evening alone or with your daughter on the couch. Of course with lots of chocolate and ice cream. By the way, the filming of the third part "To All The Boys: Always And Forever" is already in the planning stage.

2. My favorite item for next year:

Not a fashion item, but an interior piece. For a long time I have been flirting with the Vertigo pendant lamp from Petite Friture. I hope that next year I will not only find the right place for it (see point 3) but also the necessary pocket money!

Bild: @Connox

3. What I wish for next year:  a new home

If you were following us closely, you might have noticed that I moved back from Munich to Hamburg with my boyfriend. Now we are looking for a nice new apartment or house. But the Hamburg real estate market is so difficult... Do you have any insider tips for me? Then give it to me: Maybe I have luck :)

4. Your SoSUE item that will accompany you into the next year : Fernanda dress

My SoSUE favorite is the Fernanda dress closely followed by the Vanny Dress. I am simply an absolute dress girl. SoSUE highlight dress is coming in spring 2020. I can tell you that this dress will be spectacular !


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