Monochrome Monday: Sand

The week can't start more beautifully than with Monochrome Monday. Here you can find my favourite look every Monday - tone in tone. How did we come up with it? Quite simple: On Mondays the style genes always need a bit longer to get going - in the complete look of one colour we start the week more relaxed and with a concept.

Today we go tone-in-tone with our dear intern Liesa Späth. She came to the shooting spontaneously dressed in sand from head to toe. If that´s not a sign, I thought to myself and activated a new photographer without further ado, threw myself quickly into the new sand overall of Ohhhdecologne and off I went - to make the neighborhood unsafe. Here, in Eppendorf, there are wonderful
white facades and sand-blasted stairs. Simply perfect for our Monday theme: Monochrome Monday in sand.

PS: By the way, Liesa sewed the trousers by herself. Guess what grade she got for it?

Trend color sand is the most natural clay in the world. This non-color is noble and we are beautifully camouflaged in the cityscape. Sand, like all light tones, are pure soft focus for the skin. But beware! The make-up must fit 100%. It should be discreet and natural with a touch of rosy shine on the lips and cheeks.

Sand is like the dunes on Sylt: volatile.

"Thus is the heart to the fleeting, to the flowing, to the life faithful and fraternaldevoted, not to the solid, to the permanent...
We love what is equal to us, and understand what the wind has written in sand. "(Herman

I love sand tones because they are effortless and casual, easy to style and always conjure up a beautiful glow. Just now in summer, when our skin is still fresh from the sun, sand is a real complexion flatterer. Accessories in white and natural tones give the look a desert or safari touch. My onesie made of linen, which looks like a two-piece suitcase, will definitely be on its way to East Africa in
October. I´m only allowed 12 kilos on board and I´m already nervous how to do it.

That was Monochrome Monday!

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