Monochrome Monday: Red

I have to be in the mood for red. The reach for red in the wardrobe is always spontaneous and motivated by passion and energy. There are those days when we can tear out trees. I then set sail, roll up my sleeves and celebrate life with red. I work through my long to-do lists and am always surprised at how much I can do when I really want to. The color red supports my creative urge, and since ancient times red has been a symbol not only for life, but also for wealth, power and passion. In fashion there are designers such as Garavani Valentino who have made red their trademark: "Valentino red" ! Valentino-Red, a sub-company, is even a separate label for the Jeunesse Dorée. Christian Louboutin chose the color red for the soles of his shoe creations, and not without reason. Red sends signals most strikingly, of course, on lips such as with the famous lipstick "Rouge Dior", which dresses "women's smiles".

When I (usually in the evening) apply a red lipstick after a long day, it's like a freshness kick for me. The focus is then on my lips and not on my tired eyes. So, does that mean I can hide a little behind red?

Hardly. And especially not in a completely red outfit. Because a red outfit "Head To Toe" is as provocative as a bullfighter in the bullring. Red never goes out of fashion. From the 50s until today, the signal color appears regularly on the catwalks of this world - almost every season.

I love red and think every woman should have a red dress or outfit. In SoSue's first collection, we had a flowing red dress made of soft jersey with which I saw myself dancing tango in Argentina; celebrating life, full of lust and passion. But it's also soft: Gliding across the dance floor to the perfect song "The Lady in Red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek" (Chris de Burgh). Anything is possible with red. FETES VOS JEUX - MACH DEINE SPIEL - but do it in red.

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