Monochrome Monday: Cognac

The week can't start more beautifully than with Monochrome Monday. Here you can find my favourite look every Monday - tone in tone. How did we come up with it? Quite simple: On Mondays the style genes always need a bit longer to get going - in the complete look of one colour we start the week more relaxed and with a concept.

I´ve recently started to love all brown shades. This includes cognac. Admittedly, from head
to toe, this color is more reminiscent of a 70s sofa set than of a stylish look. But that´s exactly what makes the retro charm so fascinating at the moment. The only thing missing is the drink in the hand instead of the Closed Patchwork Clutch. 

The bootees are from Celine and fit like "pot on lid" to the outfit. The leather shirt is a 1a item to combine. The skirt is very special - and I got it much later in the sale. Both styles are by Isabel Marant. In any case, this look is unusual in every respect and one of my favorite looks. This is how I would really go out on the street. The color suits every season - summer or winter: Cognac, in combination with other natural shades, is classic and timeless. In summer cognac looks to white and beige and in winter it looks to saffron yellow or black. Basically, earth tones (yes, even cognac is part of it) suit everyone; the skin tone should not be too yellowish. I have a lot of fun with this look- the skirt is sexy and the shirt is very comfortable. And the best part: the color makes my skin glow … provided the sun decides to shine.

That was the Monochrome Monday - next week I slip into grey.

Your SoSUE - Stay Tuned


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